Ironing curtains and drapes is a headache if you do not have the right iron. Either you have to spend lots of money and send them to the laundry stop for pressing or you can iron them with the right garment steamer. Finding the right garment steamer isn’t an easy task so we have written a review on some of garment steamers to help you choose the best which suits your needs. Let us get started.

PAX Handheld Fabric Steamer – H-106

best curtain steamer

The PAX handheld fabric steamer produces the right amount of steam and releases it from its pointed nozzle. The steam generated helps the wrinkles in curtains and drapes go away almost instantly. Moreover, you can fill upto 140 ML into this steamer. It only takes 60 sec to heat up this steamer to produce consistent steam for 10 minutes which means you can effectively steam the curtains in one go.

At times, you might forget the steamer on, however, this steamer comes with an auto shut off feature which saves energy. As the steamer is portable, you can carry it anywhere around the house.  

A drawback of this steamer is that sometimes the steam produced is uneven which may leave some of the fabric with wrinkles.

PureSteam XL – High Powered Standing Fabric Steamer

best curtain steamer

This steamer’s design is unlike all other designs. It comes with 18 different accessories which mean that you do not have to buy things separately as it is a complete package. You can add up to 15L of water and produce steam for up to 45 minutes consistently. This garment steamer will last longer time period.

This steamer not only cleans curtains and drapes, but also laminated tiles, carpets and wooden flows. It is not just a fabric steamer but a cleaner as well. Furthermore, it comes with a 16 feet long power cord, so you can easily move it around. This steamer is recommended for commercial use.

The drawback of this steamer is the it is bulky and may take a lot of space, plus due to its high price, it may be more suitable for commercial use rather than home use.

ABYON Steamer for Clothes – 5-in-1 Powerful Handheld Steamer

best curtain steamer

Steaming by using one hand is the easiest thing to do. This steamer is handheld and can clean all kinds of clothes. If the water gets too hot the steamer shuts itself off for safety purposes. The steamer comes with a carry bag, so you can carry it along with you anywhere.

This steamer is recommended if you are looking for handheld steamer.

BIZOND Steamer for Clothes Mini, Garments, Fabric, and Draperies

best curtain steamer

This steamer has a small size and comes with a polymer filter so you can fill in the tap water instead of distilled water. It takes about 24 seconds for the steam to be generated.

Due to the combat size, the steamer is handy and can be carried along. There are no complaints of water dripping.

The drawback is that the design is compact so it will take more time to steam the fabric.

BIZOND 9.8ft Cord Garment Steamer

best curtain steamer

This 9.8 ft. cord steamer can move places around easily. The steam generated in fairly less time, it takes up to 25 seconds to generate the steam. Furthermore, the steamer is lightweight can be moved easily around the fabric with no tiring or hands and arms. It also comes with a polymer filter so you do not need distilled water, simply fill it with tap water.

One of the drawback is that the steamer is not suitable for bulk ironing and steaming.

Aickar 180ml Portable Garment Steamer

best curtain steamer

As the name suggests the steamer can carry up to 180 ml of water and steams for approximately 12 minutes in one go. The steam is steady can also be used to press curtains and bed sheets and other fabrics. The design of this steamer ensures that it can be carried easily. The steamer also comes with a 9 ft. power cord.

The drawback of this steamer is that there are complaints of dripping of water.

Aicok Clothes Steamer, 1500W Powerful Fast Heat Garment Steamer

best curtain steamer

This steamer comes with wheels so it can be moved around easily. The steam producing power is 1500W so this means that consistent steam can be produced for a very long time period for up to 60 minutes. Once the steamer is switched on, the steam begins to generate in 60 seconds. Moreover, the water tank can store up to 70 ounces of water.

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This steamer is a multi-tasking as it not only steams the fabric but it can also be used for removing the dust, sterilizing the fabric and clothes. The steamer also comes with an accessory called the retractable pole. On this pole you can hand clothes straight and then steam them.

The drawback of this steamer is that the plastic tank’s quality is not up to the mark and the manual that comes with the product is not accurate.

PurSteam Elite Travel Fabric Steamer

best curtain steamer

This is a portable steamer can be carried along easily. PurSteam elite steamer can heat up and generate steam quickly and removes wrinkles from clothes in a matter of seconds. The steam produces is even and steams the fabric evenly. It can be used on a variety of fabrics. Tap water can be added in the tank.

The drawback of this steamer is that the steam generation is for short time period and it does not remove the strong wrinkles.

In conclusion, if you want a garment steamer for home use, we recommend the PAX Steamer for clothes. And if you need a steamer for commercial purposes we recommend the PureSteam XL which can steam bulk fabrics.

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