Black and Decker D3030 Allure Professional Iron

If you want to have a stylish and one best steam iron for your home, Black and Decker is the one for you to pick. If you really want to look crisp and fresh, use this iron for your clothes. There are several pros that this iron has. It can be used for almost all the fabrics at your home. The dynamic steam surge technology used in this Black and Decker D3030 is the best for your clothes. The stainless-steel plate used for this iron is a little wide one so, it is easy for the user to iron clothes at a faster rate.  Have a look at the features.

Black and Decker D3030 Allure Professional Iron


  • High-quality Soleplate;
  • Vertical steam for the cloths;
  • Dynamic steam surge Technique;
  • Adjustable temperature and steam levels;
  • Auto Shut OFF option;
  • Easy to Use.

Stainless Steel Soleplate

The soleplate used in this iron is of very high quality that works very smooth on any kind of fabric at your home. It doesn’t harm your clothes and sticking is impossible. It also removes wrinkles from the surface of the fabric. It works faster as soleplate used in this iron has a larger area than that of many other irons in the market.

Dynamic Steam Surge Technology

This Black and Decker D3030 is worthy for the homeowners as well as for the users at industrial levels as it is categorized as one of the best steam irons in the market. It has been noticed that it provides 30% of more steam than half of the of the irons here and there from different companies. When you have an iron with great steam power, you will get your clothes ready in a few minutes.

Black and Decker D3030 Allure Professional Iron

Vertical Steaming

This is what most of the irons don’t offer. You can steam your clothes vertically in hanging positions. You don’t put your clothes on the table for steaming. It saves both time and space for you. If you have soft cloths like silk and lace, then it becomes a little easier for you to get rid of wrinkles by steaming them in a vertical position without using the soleplate. Black and Decker professional steam iron is a worthy piece in the market.

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Auto Cleaning

When you are using a steam iron then you need to be sure about it cleaning. Steaming can cause some problems like the water tank gets dirty and clogs up which does not let your iron to perform well. So, cleaning is very important for iron and this Black and Decker D3030 is at its best when it comes to self-cleaning. Black and Decker allure Iron cleans itself after use.

Adjustable Steaming and Temperature levels

There are five temperature and steam levels for you guys. You can use them according to the need and fabric type. The digital display on the iron tells you about the controls. It also helps you to set the best possible steam level for each temperature level. This feature makes it best as it helps you to press your clothes in a very fine way and removes wrinkles from the heavier cloths without making things harder for you.

Auto Shut Off Feature

Sometimes it can lead you to see bad results when you let your iron ON after using it. It can burn your clothes as well. But, not in the case of Black and Decker D3030 as it shuts itself OFF after some time when not used for a while. There is a motion function that keeps the iron ON but when it observes no movement for 30 seconds or so, it turns itself OFF. This feature keeps you away from warning burnt cloths and saves energy as well. Obviously, you don’t want to look bad in burnt cloths.

Comfortable Handle

Black and Decker D3030 Allure Professional Iron

The handle used for this iron is very easy to pick and use. It doesn’t allow your hands to get strained. You can use this iron for hours if you have enough workload and this is all because of its comfortable iron. It helps you to slide your iron on the cloths smoothly.


  • The stainless-steel soleplate is of high quality that can also remove wrinkles and crease from your clothes;
  • It helps you in vertical steaming;
  • Its price is under $50 which is quite reasonable for a family;
  • Different levels of temperature and steam help you to press any type of clothes at your home;
  • Auto shut OFF feature takes care of your clothes;
  • Auto cleaning doesn’t let its performance down.


  • It gets very hot sometimes;
  • At times, it spits water.


So, the above features make it clear that we have a fine product in the iron market for you at a very fair price. If you want to have an iron under $50. The Black and Decker is the piece for you. It works well and makes you save your money. Get this model and enjoy the rest!

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