An iron is a very useful home appliance; helping in many different house chores thus it shouldn’t be ignored. However, there is no need to waste your money in purchasing expensive models such as Geepas or Rowenta to perform simple functions because a comparatively cheaper yet a classic model of Black & Decker F67E is here to satisfy all the customer’s needs!

This Black & Decker classic iron model #F67E is an excellent choice for people who are conscious regarding their budget as it includes all the essential features despite the low price, such as steam functionality as well as automatic switch-off with a 360-degree rotating power cord connector. Also, this appliance is quite robust with a long life, so you don’t really have to worry about getting it changed every now and then.


Speaking of the essentials, Black and decker provides you with several important features which are quite helpful and easy to use:

  • Automatic on/off;
  • 360 degree revolving cord;
  • Fabric selector dial;
  • Variable steam options;
  • Smooth ironing;
  • Steam spraying ability;
  • Various ironing buttons.

Programmed Switch-off

From safety’s point of view, this feature is really amazing as the iron is programmed to shut off automatically when it is not being used for a long time or knocked over. So if you have forgotten to switch off your iron, don’t stress yourself as it will automatically shut off itself when lying idle for particularly long time.

Rotating cord

The F67E comes with a pivoting cord that can rotate 360 degrees allowing the person to iron effortlessly by increasing their range of movement thus reducing the problems of not being able to iron properly with a cord that isn’t flexible as this model provides complete flexibility.

Material selector control

The F67E model provides you with a dial that helps you set the temperature for the iron to function at as easy as choosing the type of cloth you’re about to iron. Placed adjacentto the front of the handle area of the iron, it’s really simple to operate and use. In addition to this, there exist settings varying from acrylic to linen along with an ‘Off’ function hardly found on other models.

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Adjustable steam selections

Another brilliant feature of this classic Black and Decker iron is that it allows you to choose the amount of steam you want it to produce. Depending upon the fabric you’re pressing, you can easily select the output.

Smooth ironing

With a soleplate of Aluminium, the iron is covered with a layer of non-stick material. As a result, making the iron press smoothly even on rougher fabric.

Steam spraying capability

The fact that this classic iron has the ability to spray steam makes ironing wrinkled clothes a lot easier; thanks to its 25 huge steam vent holes on the bottom where steam is supplied from. The iron can be used without steam as well.

Channels for ironing buttons

One of the most useful features of this model is that it consists of hollows placed in the sides of the front area of the soleplate making it trouble-free to iron buttons and many other smaller places.


  • A wallet friendly iron with several features is a win win;
  • Highly practical features making it the one iron you ought to have;
  • When it comes to quality and price, it is an iron with lower price and durable;
  • The buttons for steam and temperature control are located right at the top of the iron where the user can easily modify according to the requirements of the fabric;
  • An iron which goes easy on the hand due to its light weight and does not require constant pressing to get those wrinkles out of the fabric.


  • The dark colour of the iron casing makes it difficult to read the water level unless you closely look in order to decipher it;
  • You may feel that the iron is a little heavy as well without the water tank filled with water;
  • There is basically no way to get the water out if any left in the tank, the only way is to spray it out which is kind of a drawback associated with this iron.


All in all, after this Black and Decker F67E review it would be a great choice to purchase this appliance, bearing in mind its low price with several features and less customer complaints. Although this would not be considered as the topmost iron with abundant amount of steam output and a smooth soleplate, it is worth the price if you shall be pleased with a simple, uncomplicated, generic iron that works sufficiently better compared to high expensive models.

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