It’s the 21st century where smart technology has taken the world by storm. The planet has transformed itself into this technologically evolved world where we do not have to move an inch to get our work done. However, having said that, our lives, despite having smart technology have become more hectic than ever before. Therefore, taking out time for little things in life takes a lot out of us, like for instance ironing clothes. Smoothing out those wrinkles from shirts and trousers just to make that ‘bang on’ impression

However, we also remember leaving the iron switch on once we were done or burning our hands as we accidentally touched the iron base. Consider all these problems of your solved with the introduction Black Decker D2030 digital steam iron. A digital iron for the digital age.


black & decker d2030 auto off digital advantage iron
  • Weight of the Iron;
  • Crystal clear LCD display;
  • Powerful Steamer;
  • Auto-Shut off;
  • Anti-clean and Anti-calc system;
  • Anti-drip feature;
  • 1500 Watts of Power.

Weight of the Iron

Heavyweight irons is always a turn-off. The heaviness tires you early on without you being fully able to iron your favorite outfit. However, Black Decker D2030 digital advantage iron is known for its balanced weight. It weights about 3lbs which is not too heavy or too light but ‘balanced’ and that is why people prefer this iron and are quite happy with it.

Crystal clear LCD display

The digital iron has an LCD display which allows the user to control and monitor temperatures as they would prefer or like to have. It basically allows the user to sit on the driver’s seat and have the steering wheel for them. The 2030 digital advantage iron LCD display is easy to comprehend by the user which then allows them to manage the steam and temperature, thus producing impressive results.

Powerful Steamer

Steaming is a must have feature because it allows smoothing of wrinkles in tough fabrics. Luckily, this digital iron is able to produce an ample amount of steam through just pressing a button. You can also steam iron your garments by hanging them as this iron produces steam vertically as well, keeping consumer convenience as their first priority.

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Auto-Shut off

How many times do you remember accidentally burning your hand by touching the iron or how many times have you forgotten to switch the iron off. Numerous times! Right? Well! Guess what! This iron when left idle on its base cuts its own power within 8 minutes automatically. This not only saves enormous amounts of power but also safeguards against injuries and accidents from occurring. It shuts itself faster when it’s kept face down, that is within 30 seconds. So, you can stop worrying once you’re out whether you pulled out the iron cord or not.

black & decker d2030 auto off digital advantage iron

Anti-clean and Anti-calc system

Earlier in this article, it was mentioned that irons tend to have a short life span. One of the reasons for having a short life is the fact that a large number of irons require water in their water tanks, this then paves way for calcium to be stuck inside these irons and dirt gets wedged inside these irons which further reduced their life. However, the 2030 digital iron has an automated self-cleaning system where the iron itself disposes off any dirt trapped in its water tank. Moreover, it’s anti-calcium system allows it to stop from calcium being built inside the machine and due to this mechanism; you can fill its water tank with tap water. This mechanism increases the 2030 steam irons’ life as well as makes it much more efficient.

Anti-drip feature

Have you experienced steam irons that spill water onto your garments making you re iron again? Such a pain! Right? Well! This digital iron has an anti-drip feature. This means that the steam iron is designed is such a way that reduces the odds of water spilling especially under low temperatures settings.

1500 Watts of power

Even though this steam iron requires heavy power. It is known to heat up instantly without making your weight for a long period of time. This high power makes it a powerful iron that removes creases and wrinkles effortlessly and with ease by producing a generous amount of steam to smooth out any kind of fabric.


  • The dark plastic that covers the steam iron makes it a complex process to read the water level within the irons tank;
  • The water tank as some consumers have complained is that it simply breaks which then makes it tougher to work with;
  • The temperature control dial is very easy to manoeuvre. Even though it’s an advantage, however, the settings can be messed up with a features touch;
  • Having spoken about some cons of the D2030 steam iron by Black and Decker, however, this iron is still a consumer favorite as its lightweight, powerful, affordable and has a longer life than other irons of its kind.


Black Decker is an American brand popular for introducing irons which are easy on the pocket and highly affordable for a sea of people. Moreover, people tend to prefer cheaper irons as their life is short due to having leaks or defects early on therefore people do not prefer investing on expensive steam irons. However, Black Decker digital iron has a solid overall performance with various functions persuading many consumers to purchase this iron. Some of its qualities are mentioned in this article.

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