Even when you’re out for simple sightseeing, wrinkled clothes aren’t the best thing. We all want to feel fresh and clean during the day and in most cases, wrinkled clothes simply can’t provide the result. For fixing all the unwanted wrinkles, Black & Decker IR03V easy steam iron is the best solution! It’s by far, the ultimate solution for then who fight wrinkled clothes. It’s a compact device that you can carry anywhere. Enjoy a fresh supply of pressed clothes at your disposal all the time!

The Black & Decker easy steam iron is a powerful iron for fighting against wrinkled clothes. With the help of SmartSteam, steam regulation has never been easier. The amount of steam is auto-managed. Just select the fabric type and let the iron to do the guesswork. As for the steam, the large water tank allows the iron to produce a generous amount of steam, blasting away all the wrinkles under the ironing surface. The TrueGlide non-stick soleplate ensures that you can glide the iron on any type of fabric. All the features are packed in a small iron that’s easy to handle and maneuver. That’s what makes Black & Decker a trusted name for ironing clothes.


  • Model: IR03V;
  • Materials: Plastic, metal;
  • Weight: 1.75 pounds;
  • Country of Origin;
  • Size;
  • Style;
  • TrueGlide Nonstick Soleplate;
  • SmartSteam Technology;
  • Vertical Steaming;
  • Moisture Control Buttons;
  • Comfort Grip™ Handle;
  • Fabric Guide;
  • Burst of Steam;
  • Anti-Drip;
  • Spray Mist;
  • Large Water Tank;
  • 360° Pivoting Cord;
  • Steam surge;
  • 1200 watts of power.


The Steam Iron measures approximately 5.2”x3”x3.1”. The compact size of the Steam Iron works in your favor. It’s easy to carry and easy to store.


Instead of the classic, old design, this iron comes up with oomph to the design. The modern design is another plus point. You’ll find all the controls on the top part. The iron is easily maneuverable just by holding onto it.

TrueGlide Nonstick Soleplate

An iron is judged by its soleplate. Despite being a budget iron, Black & Decker IR03V offers a very reasonable and high-quality soleplate. The nonstick soleplate features benefits of the expensive ones like the Sunbeam Steam Master iron. The standard is the same for both of them. The non-sticky feature reduces the chance of burning and gathering bits of burnt fabrics all over the cloth. The enhanced soleplate is designed especially for smooth gliding all over the fabrics, irrespective of the fabric type.

SmartSteam Technology

For any fabric, the necessary amount of steam is a major concern. With SmartSteam, Black & Decker IR03V makes it easier to forget all those confusions. Heavy fabrics generally require more steam while more delicate fabrics require very low steam. With the SmartSteam feature, the amount of steam is automatically managed as you continue ironing.
With Anti-Drip technology, the iron is designed to maintain the water temperature sharply for preventing the dripping of water.

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Vertical Steaming

The iron is also suitable as a steamer for quick touch-ups. Steam your clothes right off the hanger, curtains, and drapes with ease.

Moisture Control Buttons

You can choose the way to spread moisture onto your clothes. You can make a burst of steam or a gentle spray of mist depending on your clothes fabric.

Comfort Grip™ Handle

Ironing is highly stressful for the hand and wrist. The ergonomic handle relieves the stress for comfortable operation.

Fabric Guide

On the top of the iron, you’ll find out a fabric selector with their names. There are more than 6 different fabrics available with a wide range of temperature settings. Once you select the fabric, the iron will automatically heat up and prepare for the specific fabric.

Burst of Steam

Burst away all the wrinkles with the steam burst! Just press the “Steam” button for steaming curtains and clothes with a burst of steam. The steaming function also works vertically.


With close regulation of water temperature, the iron ensures no dripping of water in or out of the tank.

Spray Mist

Smoothen the stubborn wrinkle with the right amount of moist! Just press the button to set the wrinkle loose with the power of mister steam.

Large Water Tank

With a large capacity, the water tank holds enough water for moisturizing and steaming your garments as much as needed. The body is translucent, so you can clearly notice when you’ll need a refill.

360° Pivoting Cord

The iron comes up with a free-moving cord, providing the freedom to move the iron at any angle to tackle crumples at any position.

Steam surge

When you’re dealing with powerful creases, it’s important to be careful. Let the steam surge take care of that! A steam surge is a powerful steam shot. You can target the shot at a particular spot for flattening the persistent creases. With a well-positioned steam surge button, send the hot burst of steam anywhere you want.
You can also use the feature while using the iron at a vertical position.

1200 watts of power

The generous 1200W of power draw ensures the maximum efficiency for the purpose. Steam and flatten all the wrinkles with powerful features like steam burst and mist spray. The compact and lightweight design are suitable for taking with you anywhere, especially on your travel bag.


Despite having all the top-notch features, the Black & Decker IR03V iron is a quite affordable product from a reputed brand. Bring out the best in your clothes with Black & Decker IR03V. For showing off your confidence, a proper dressing is paramount. Let Black & Decker IR03V bring the best out of your clothes!

Worried about your linen shirt sitting at the bottom of your suitcase? No need to worry about. Refill the water tank, plug in the iron and let the iron to bring out the grandeur. Blast away even the toughest wrinkles with Black & Decker IR03V iron. The variable steam control and fine spray mist are suitable for taking care of any type of garments. Plus, you got the non-sticky soleplate that glides smoothly on any fabric. Let the adjustable temperature to provide the promised performance you’re looking for.

No matter what the fabric is, perfection is always going to make a difference. Let Black & Decker IR03V bring the best out of your clothes right now!

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