Well, humans are very much concerned and picky about their things and credentials, and it is in their nature that’s why we as a human, always try and in search to find something best and better. In a search to find something better and finest technologies produce so many different and advanced products.

Among the series of long-lasting inventions and products steam the iron is also one of the essential and every home dire need accessory. But what if you aren’t sure that which stem iron is best for your clothes? To consider this, today in this article, I am going to talk about the Black and Decker iron auto shut off. The reason I pick black and Decker is as it is a well-known and reputable brand. There are no doubt so many even dozens of steam iron brands are available in the market, but there are few features that make this black and decker iron unique from others.

In this article, I try to jot down all those features that make this iron steam unique from others.


Black & Decker IR40V

Features which you can find in this IR40V iron steam are including:

  • Auto shut off;
  • Perfect for all fabrics;
  • Easy to glide and compact;
  • Perfect steam regulation;
  • No dripping issue;
  • Perfect grip with 360 movable cords;
  • Come up with spray mist feature;
  • No learning curve hurdle.

Perfect Steam Regulation

The best feature of this black and decker iron steam is that it gives and ensures you the perfect steam regulation. It only releases the steam as per your fabric requirement and saves you from any bankrupt. It has come up with smart-steam regulation technologies that can simply avoid extra taking or excessive temperature.

Iron Auto Shut Off Feature

Rowenta is also considered the best option when it comes about the steam ironing, but the thing that makes this iron unique is and superior from Rowenta is it’s three-way auto shut off features. This reflects that it not just helps to save your temperature or energy but also protect you from accidents by shutting off automatically.


Next plus point of this black and decker IR40V is it is anti-drip. It simply regulates according to your set up temperature, so like there is no fear or hurdle to face the dripping issue during the time of ironing.

Black & Decker IR40V

Easy to Glide and Compact

Next plus point of this iron steam it that it is easy to glide as it has a non-stick soleplate so without any slide across, you can iron your clothes mannerly. Additionally, with the help of this ergonomic design and its light-weight, you can carry and handle the iron for a long period as well.

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To continue the series of benefits this Black + Decker easy steam compact iron is compact as well. The size of this iron steam is in between 10 to 25cm which is quite enough to easily adjust in any backpack

Perfect for All Fabrics

Despite this, you can use this iron steam on any fabric without any asking, whether it is cotton, linen, jersey, polyester, nylon, chiffon or anything else. But keep one thing in mind, that all you need to require is adjust a right temperature according to your fabric for a perfect and wrinkle less ironing.

Perfect Grip with 360 Movable Cords

The grip is perfect for those who need to face this ironing stuff on a daily basis. The grip allows you access of around 5.8 to 10.4 in. Rest its pivoting 360 cords are quite enough to make your every move of ironing reliable and adjustable.

Come Up with Spray Mist Feature

Black & Decker IR40V

Most of the times, all you need are to remove your wrinkles simply. So for this, it has a feature of spray mist, so then you can adjust the mist spray temperature according to your desire and rest the thing will be in hand of this IR40V iron.

No Learning Curve Hurdle

No learning curve is simply indicates that the iron has come up with simple and easy to use options. All the features are easy to tackle without any hard and fast method or option to apply. Everything is set in options, so then you can easily set and adjust any option according to your choice and make your fabric appealing.

But wait… this is not the end, apart from this there are also some pros and cons of this iron.


  • Flexible;
  • Light-weight;
  • Easy to use;
  • Versatile;
  • An ideal choice for all.


  • The tank requires refilling frequently;
  • Temperature setting is not that much accurate.


At last, I recommend you to go through and read all the facts before you are going to buy any steam iron. Rest, as far as this iron 40V is concerned so, this is not a bad deal to avail. The features are quite flexible that matches all your needs mannerly and give you positive ironing.

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