When you are after buying something, you always want to see the price tag before you order. It is important at the same time to check the qualities of the product. There are many products in the online and offline market which can offer fantastic results in low prices. So, the price is the basic thing for the customer to see while buying irons from a store. Dry irons are little cheaper than that of steam irons. But, the problem comes when people don’t get an idea of what should they do in such a situation. This guide will help them to understand the differences. Keep reading!

There are hundreds of options available in both cheap and expensive categories like Laurastar Lift+, Rowenta DG8520, Rowenta Steam Station. This guide help you with explaining the pros and cons of both cheap and expensive steam irons.

Cheap Vs Expensive Steam Irons. How Can you Choose the Best?

Cheap Irons – Pros and Cons


  • Price of the Iron

Price of the steam iron and your budget is what that matters at the end. Panasonic NI-R36-P Code reel Steam iron is the one for you in the cheap category over the expensive one Maytag M1200 Digital SmartFill Iron and Vertical Steamer. The former has a price of 1/3rd of the later. This is where you get benefit i.e. price.

  • Lightweight

The Cheap irons are often light in weight. They are easy to carry and help you to take them anywhere even on a family trip. If you get a lightweight iron, it becomes easier for you to use it. Here is the one piece we have for you and that is Sunbeam Steam Master GCSBSP-201-FFP 1400-Watt Iron in the lightweight category.

  • Easy to Use

The cheap irons are easy to use as they don’t contain too many features and easy to understand the basics. It becomes a little cozy for the people when they see plenty of features and don’t able to understand them while using.


  • Less amount of Steam

Steam irons with low prices don’t offer a lot of steam for your clothes which effects pressing. On the other hand, when you have an iron providing you enough amount of steam are expensive. So, while buying a steam iron, you need to look at the steam quantity and quality of the iron as well. The cheap steamer will certainly not help in all types of fabric.

  • Can’t Remove Wrinkles

Lightweight and cheap irons don’t help in removing the wrinkles. They can put pressure to remove wrinkles at all. So, this feature of removing of wrinkles is not there in cheap steam irons.

  • Low-quality Soleplate

Soleplate of the cheap irons is not of very fine quality as compared to the expensive irons. If you don’t have a good soleplate than you lose everything. It can harm your clothes as well i.e. it can burn your clothes at higher temperature levels.  

  • It takes time while Pressing

When you have a low-quality soleplate and steam generator, it takes more time and effort for you to get your clothes pressed.

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Expensive Steam Irons – Pros and Cons


  • Fast and Smooth

When you go for a good steam iron, it becomes easier for you to press cloths effortlessly. Expensive irons with great features help you in saving time and effort on the table. As there are plenty of features available for you to choose and set for different temperatures which doesn’t allow burring of your clothes.

  • Easy to Carry Handle

The expensive ones focus on developing a fine quality handle that helps you to use it smoothly.

  • More Features

Expensive steam iron, obviously, has more features than other irons. There are more streaming options as well as temperature levels. There are vertical steaming options in the expensive pieces which are not in case of cheap ones. Setting options according to the fabric type is a hell of a good feature which is certainly not available too much in other irons having low prices.

  • Lage Size of the water Tanks

Water tanks with larger size make you feel better as you don’t need to put water in short time intervals. Tanks with large size allow the iron to generate steam in a large amount.


  • Price and Budget Effects

When you look for the best, you need to pay the best. If you don’t have enough money in your pocket, then you won’t be able to buy the iron of high price.

  • Repairing requires Money

If there is a problem in the expensive steam iron, you may need to pay bigger as well. The soleplate repairment requires a lot which is sometimes not affordable for a person having no money.

  • Heavyweight

The expensive irons have expensive machines in them. They are not very easy to carry as well.  

Should you Buy Expensive Iron for you?

If you want us to be fair with you then we would say, Yes. It is good for you to buy once then buying again and again. This would be a good decision as the machinery used in these machines would be more trustworthy and the sellers also try to offer a guarantee to their customers when prices are on the higher side.

But, we need to see the other side as well. If you don’t have enough money, then don’t go for the expensive one. There are benefits of getting the finest piece but disadvantages as well at the same time. It also depends on the features and needs of a family. If you have a small family, you can look for the piece that can fulfill your needs at a low price. You just need to check the prices online from different market places and see their given specifications with them. This will certainly help you understand well.


So, this was what we wanted to tell you. You can buy expensive as well as cheap steaming irons in the market. The pros and cons of both are given above. The most important factor is the price of your selected piece.

It’s the best time to ask questions and give us your feedback in comments.