It is noticed that the steam irons are considering the most demandable as compare to the regular iron. People prefer to buy the steam irons as it does not just iron your clothes but also come up with the features that simply make your iron easy, reliable, and comfortable.

There are no doubts dozens of steam irons are available in the market but to pick the best one among the series of all is quite tough. So to make this riddle easy for you, today in this article, I am going to jot down a review about the Conair turbo extreme steam that what makes this iron steam unique from others.

So without wastage of any time, let’s get the ball rolling and explore the features about the Conair GS23N extreme steam handheld fabric steamer.


  • 1110 watts dual heat system;
  • Energy saving steam  feature;
  • Also kills the bed bugs and dust mites;
  • Correctly trigger both high and low temperature;
  • Versatile attachments;
  • 5x faster-superheated temperature;
  • Come up with a 1-year warranty.

Dual Setting Steamer

The first thing that makes this steamer effective is its dual settings functions. This steamer has come up with two-degree options. One is 395 and second is 200 degree. In 395 degree option, you can easily iron your cotton and wool clothes where on the other hand, in the 200-degree option you can iron your silk, satin, and polyester clothes. This means that by setting the right degree will make your life easier and you can easily iron your clothes without any fear.

Flexible Adjusting Options

Conair fabric steamer also has a flexible adjusting option that offers you the three creaser, soft cushion, and brush attachments. So according to your fabric, you can adjust the option and then iron on it mannerly.

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Advance Heat Up Functionality

Another feature which you can get in this iron steamer is the advance heat up adaptability. In case you are in a rush and forget to iron your clothes, then without any fuss this iron steamer will heat up within 75 seconds and iron your clothes perfectly. This steamer is no doubt has modern technology that removes all the wrinkles and makes your clothes perfect and ready to wear.

Conair GS23N Handheld Fabric Steamer Review

Long Steam Duration

Another feature in this Conair extreme steamer is that it has a long steam duration. Means by just one filling you can use this steamer around 15 minutes and remove all your wrinkles with

Easy to Use

Despite this, this steamer is easy to use as it has a light indicator option which can notify you when to fill and when to iron. Plus, the cord of this steamer is also around nine-feet long, so you can plug it on and remove your fabric wrinkles mannerly. Additionally, the water tank capacity of this steamer is approx 73oz. In simple words, this steamer is environment-friendly and has come up with complete accessories.

But wait, this is not the end, as the pros and all features this steamer also has cons.


One of the major drawbacks of this steamer is its spare parts. The spare parts of this steamer are not easily available in the market. So in case, you need to repair your steamer so you would face the difficulty as the spare parts are not easily accessible.

The second con is the setting. Before going to use the steamer make sure that you have set the right setting option for your fabric, in case you choose the wrong option which is not suitable for your fabric so that will automatically fail to remove your fabric wrinkles.


Hope that the above-mentioned Conair extreme steam reviews give you enough awareness regarding the product. Except this, I recommend you all to check the reviews and ratings as well. As most of the times, by checking the reviews and reading the comments on different sites also help you out about the product.

Secondly, if you are an online buyer then make sure you pick the right site for buying. Most of the times people got scam as they are not aware of the website. I advise you to prefer Amazon or eBay. As these, both sites are world-wide known and trustable. Instead of this before going to buy it from another website make sure that you have visited and checked the site and read the terms and conditions policies.

Thirdly, if you are a physical buyer, then make sure the store or market offering you the same price. Sometimes just for the sake to gain little profit shopkeepers scam the buyers. So whether you are an online buyer or a physical market buyer don’t forget to do a little bit of homework as it will save you from any bankrupt.

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