This iron set can ultimately overshadow most of the available irons online or in the analog market. The continuity of steam flow from it has the ability to remove wrinkles in a better way and the performance of gliding is outstanding. With the possession of extensive characteristics, most of your ironing projects can be done at a greater and exceptional pace than most of the average irons. With the possession of this iron, you get the capability to do your ironing deal at a magnificent speed and get the outcome for lengthier time periods.

The iron contains auto-shutoff which proves itself to be a good safety property and the iron will be powered down when it is left not working on shorter intervals of time. The sole plate of the iron does not stick unnecessarily and has an exceptional feature called Self-Clean. The iron also has a light that does the indication procedure whether your iron machinery is on the very desired and asked temperature.


  • The iron has a better and exceptional wrinkle removing capability. It has a better phenomenal glide over your cloth material;
  • It has the power to show durability that resists against scratches;
  • The machine is overall more durable and long-lasting, and it is way easy to clean the traditional and continental non-stick;
  • Hamilton Beach Durathon 19800 Steam Iron has the cord which is extra in length;
  • The iron machine has the offering of three distinctive ways to shut off;
  • It has 1500 watt power;
  • It has the characteristic of self-clean and anti-drip;
  • This steam iron comes in dimension 12.2*5.5*7.1 in inches;
  • With no water inside the machine, the weight happens to be 2.5 pounds.
Hamilton Beach Durathon 19800 Steam Iron

Long Cord of iron

The cord of the iron is better appealing, as the iron is lightweight, it helps to press it casually and glide it along the fabric in a smooth and convenient manner. The iron uses just a reasonable quantity of water when it is being steamed.

Vertical steaming made easy

All you need to do in the vertical steaming method is to hold the iron in a vertical way and keep pressing its button intermittently. You will get steam luxuriously; however, the reservoir of water will get empty really fast.

Better functioning of Hamilton Beach Durathon 19800 steam iron

The steams iron performs exceptional functions with amazing steam processing and delivery. The steam iron has a base plate that is uniquely manufactured. This helps it in order to flatten the wrinkles in a faster speed at the very first gesture. The weekly ironing procedure can take place in short intervals of time.

Advantages of Hamilton Beach Durathon 19800 steam iron

The steam iron comes in affordable range, and in a budget that can easily be managed. The steam production and generation are extravagant, and the iron glides over fabric effortlessly. These qualities make the iron to remove the wrinkles more easily as compared to other irons of the very same range. Hamilton steam iron has been exclaimed and praised by various customers on Amazon that makes it the most favorite iron of the masses. Once you have plugged in Durathon 19800 steam iron, you do not have to waste for much time for it to get hot up and enable you to get on with your ironing work. On the other hand, the iron gets hot up faster and you do not need to waste further time. The tip of the iron enables you to range in the small nooks and parts of the cloth where it could be difficult to reach with no use of this amazing Beach Durathon 19800 steam iron. The steam iron has extensive power, great consistency, and praiseworthy settings. The fabric dial that is placed just below the iron handle is way too comfortable for the processing, and from there it is easy to see and to read the writings on the dial.

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Disadvantages of Hamilton Beach Durathon 19800 steam iron

You cannot find the on/off button present on the steam iron. The iron will automatically be turned on once it is plugged. It has a good auto feature for shut off, however, until unless the iron is unplugged the red light of power will keep shining and flashing consistently even when you have turned it off. We know the red light cannot bother you pretty awkwardly, but it can sometimes play the role of annoying somehow.

Hamilton Beach Durathon 19800 Steam Iron

How to make sure the steam iron has a long life?

We are providing you some astounding tips that have been collected from various reviews of users who have previously used and benefitted from this steam iron. Make sure to never unplug the device unless the steam is essentially turned down to the minimum setting. Once when you have finished ironing, make sure to never put the iron with its face down. Keep it facing upwards at all costs. Store it in the very same manner. When you are storing it, do not let any trace of water being resided inside it. Do keep the water under the mark of maximization, and never do let it overflow for the steam makes. Never overlook the method of self-cleaning. You must deliberately clean the device for every four days and do view the manual and try doing as explained there.


Hamilton Beach Durathon 19800 steam iron has answers to all your queries when it comes to effectively undo all the wrinkles’ presence on the fabric. With the affordability of the device and how reasonable it is in its cost, you can essentially keep your budget under the eye. The finer steam generation and long cord are the characteristics that make this gadget a much better choice, and a more efficacious gadget to get all your clothes ironed at a faster pace. Staying in such a budget, no other device can sort you out with the best appealing features that have full capability to bestow you with all the services you are in need of that concerns better ironing.

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