Here we have the best iron company based in Switzerland. There are a few things to notice before buying iron from any brand. First, we need to see the quality of the product which includes its body and shape. Second, what pro services are offered by the company? Here I am going to do super ironing machine reviews, so keep reading.

Laurastar is the best ironing company so far. They are focusing on quality products. The iron from Laurastar offers fabric care products like steamers having different models. You are going to find fine steamers and iron in one system.

Laurastar Lift Steam Iron


  • It heats up quickly i.e. within 3 minutes;
  • It turns off automatically if it is not being used for ten minutes;
  • Soleplate is of the finest quality as it contains non-stick properties;
  • Comfortable handle;
  • Water reservoir and can be detached anytime;
  • An integrated water filter that allows you to use it whenever you want;
  • Insulating Mat to avoid any heating problems;
  • Strong steam Producer with fine quality at a constant pressure of 3-5 bars;
  • Strong feet that help you to place anywhere on the smooth surface;
  • Laurastar Lift has dimensions of 45 x 28 x 28 cm;
  • It has a weight of approximately 12 lbs.


Laurastar has a stainless-steel plate that contains brushed aluminum in it. Sole plate of the iron is the most important part of the iron. If it works well, then you can say your iron is the best piece. Laurastar Lift contains one of the best soleplates in it. You can find there a heat resister that helps your iron’s upper body to stay aside and stops any heat damages. Soleplate gets heat up in a few minutes and helps you to iron your garments in one movement. You can use an extra plate there as well that is dedicated to some special garments.

Auto Shut-Off

We don’t have many ironing companies that possess this feature. Most of the time people forget to shut the iron down after using it. Now, this problem is resolved in Laurastar Lift. It shuts down itself if it isn’t being used for a few minutes. This also helps us to be safe from heat and saves electricity at the same time.

Laurastar Lift Steam Iron

Water Filter Cartridge

Laurastar Lift contains a water filter in its system. You can use water while using your iron anytime. All you need to do is press the button there on the iron. This water filter also helps you to have improved quality steam as well. The cartridge is anti-corrosive and doesn’t damage its boiler. There is a red light on your Lift, when starts blinking, means you need to replace the cartridge.

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Water Reservoir

There is a water reservoir available for you that can be refilled anytime, even you can refill it when you are ironing your garments. Although, the reservoir has a capacity of almost 4 cups which is considerably well enough for one family having 5-7 members. You can check the water quantity a well after regular intervals. You can use the iron to the hanging fabrics as the vertical steaming function allows you to do that.

Electrical Cord

The electrical cord is attached almost near the handle of the iron having length of 7 foot 6 inches. The team cord has a length of 6 foot 4 inches. The whole cords system contains a weight of almost 12 pounds. Its base is used for winding the cord over it which makes it easy to carry.


Laurastar comes with a compact design different than other irons in the market. You can easily tell after seeing the product. Most of the ironing companies use the same design but Laurastar Lift looks different than others. You can say it has the most handsome unit in the market. You can buy the color of your choice as it comes with different colors.


Laurastar Lift Steam Iron

When it comes to portability, you won’t be able to find the better piece than Laurastar Lift. You can use it when you have clothes in the hanger as the steaming characteristics are very prominent as compared to many other products. People can use it for curtains that need a little touch up only. So, it doesn’t matter either you are using it on the table or using it for clothes in the hanger, it always helps you.


  • Versatile design makes it more attractive;
  • Non-Corrosive soleplate makes it different;
  • A steam generator which comes with the storage pouch;
  • Fine steaming and pressing of garments in quick time.


  • It starts making noise when it gets heated, but noise stop after a few minutes or so;
  • It can emit a smell for a few minutes and that is what most devices generating heat do.


So, here I explained all the features of Laurastar lift that makes it different from the other irons in the market. As it is a Swiss company, so you don’t need to worry about the quality of the product. You can buy it online!

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