Maytag is a brand very famous for their washers and dryers but now have been making progress in expanding towards steam irons. The Maytag M400 is a very good example of their capabilities as it gives a good performance, sufficient features at an economical price. It comes equipped with the latest heating system that allows it to heat up faster than the other brands all the while consuming less technology. There is also a 3-second delay between the steam bursts when which gives enough time for the steam to regenerate thus creating an efficient source of effective steam.

If you want an iron that performs well and fast, then the M400 is the option for you. It is ideal for people who have a lot of linen clothes or just too many clothes in general as it is difficult to remove wrinkles in a short amount of time. The M400 shines in this regard as it can help in smoothing the fabric with its powerful steam without having to glide the iron over and over again. It also works wonders for sewing, quilting, and the vertical steam feature lets you steam hanging garments or drapes if there are any for more convenience.

Quick Heat-up Time

maytag m400 speed heat iron review

The quick heat-up feature of the steam iron is a huge advantage to have whenever you are in a hurry or just want to be done with the ironing as soon as possible; you can save a lot of time and utilize that for some leisure or another activity. The Maytag M400 has a power rating of 1500 watts and raises its temperature in about 24 seconds and primed to produce dense steam, you won’t find yourself waiting for the iron to hit the 100% indication as you do with most steam irons. In about 55 seconds, it is at its optimal level and produces such effective steam that the toughest of the creases can be smoothly polished. It is especially good for thick fabric, thereby making it ideal for quilts and professional quilters since the iron is consistent in its temperature.

Many Steam Options

The Maytag M400 has a steam controller button from where you can adjust the options for the steam amount and intensity. Selecting the right amount of steam for the type of fabric on the ironing board can be a huge deal in not damaging it and resolving tough creases. Aside from the normal steam function, the M400 has steam burst and spray-mist modes that allow you to more effectively target areas that are difficult to reach, like the zipper area of the jeans or under buttons or collars. It also has a vertical steaming function that allows the user to steam hanging fabric, like curtains or coats on a hook.

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Easy to Use

This steam iron is relatively easy to use because of its light weight but strong structure. The buttons for steam and heat adjustments are ergonomically designed. They are fast, small and easy to reach allowing anyone especially those with short hands to reach them without having to put much strain or effort. The stainless steel soleplate of the iron is smooth and the overall weight of the iron is less, this allows for a much easier glide across the fabric; your hands will not show the slightest bit of fatigue. The soft handle gives the hand a good grip and comfort plus the soft touch heels prevent the latching of any clothes when you glide. The 8 feet cord has a 360-degree pivot that prevents the cable from tangling as you move the iron across.

Safety and Maintenance Features

When it comes to the safety features, the iron does not lack in any regard. It has a 3-way auto shut off that gives you surety that nothing will overheat when you leave the M400 unattended. The anti-drip model prevents any dripping and spitting on the fabric and works well compared to other models. It also has an anti-calc and anti-scale mechanism that protects the internal systems along with a cleaning system that removes impurities. Lastly, it comes with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty which is a step up from the usual 1-year warranty from other companies.


  • Heats up fast and saves a lot of time;
  • Many features for a low price tag;
  • Very few complaints of leaks or problems;
  • Consistent and sufficient steam
maytag m400 speed heat iron review


  • The dark color of the water tank makes it harder to see the water level;
  • The tank has a low capacity compared to the high power requirement for the steam, makes the refilling trips frequently;
  • The dial sometimes gets in the way.


When you are bringing the Maytag M400 home, you are bringing a product that will make your life a lot easier. The high-speed heading and the consistent steam has made it a favorite among many customers; it has over 200 reviews on Amazon with most of them being positive. It is a robust product that can handle any problems with any fabric you want to iron. The safety and cleaning features are a plus point for purchasing the iron as well as it gives an overall consistent product. All in all, it is a sturdy and dependable appliance that is also easy to use.

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