Maytag M800 Vertical Steamer Review

When you have an amount of hundred or fifty dollars in your budget range, Maytag M-1800 sums up to be the best option for you. When being compared to some other compatible steam irons, this one proved itself as being easy to keep in use. This impeccable steam iron comes with impeccable features and characteristics as well which are hard to be found in some other of the age steam irons. Using Maytag smart-fill iron and steamer you make your ironing get easily done with no occurring complications. Today we will emphasis on the characteristically features, as well as pros and cons to make you well aware of what this steam iron brings for you.

Let’s compare this one to the steam iron that has gone in precedent, Maytag M800 comprises uniquely surprising features. You can remove the water tank of the iron conveniently when needed.


  • Power range of 1500 Watts;
  • Accurately Precise Thermostat;
  • The water tank can be easily removed;
  • The possession of full heat in just 40 seconds;
  • Soleplate made of stainless steel;
  • Cord 96 inch in length;
  • Preset temperature dial for garment;
  • Steam burst technology;
  • Auto Shut Off.

Having a Power Range of 1500 Watts

Having 1500 Watts of power, your iron has the steam generation done quite quickly. It means that you need to not waste any time while waiting for the iron to get steamed up. Just as having this steam iron connected, the task could be done effectively at the same time. This is a huge enhancement in the culture of steam irons, lately few best steam irons were so moved on in time wastage when were being waited to get heated up.

Accurately Precise Thermostat

With the thermostat installed in your steam iron, you can control the temperature effectively. You tend to not commit any mistake as it has different points enrolled separately, making it an easier task for you to choose between them.

Water Tank can be Easily Removed

This is the most modern feature in the era of steam irons. This feature alone can get Maytag M800 into the best range steam iron category. As the water tank can be removed, you can get is fill by yourself under the water tap, and then get it attached to the Maytag 800. As the amount of water that can be filled is 8 oz, you can get an idea that the steam generation is going to be a lot wealthy.

The Possession of Full Heat in just 40 seconds

Just when you plug and switch on your iron, it will take only 40 seconds by itself to be done heated to the maximum range of temperature. Making you waste to precious moments waiting for the steam iron appliance to get ready ironing the clothes.

Soleplate made of Stainless Steel

With having stainless steel soleplate your ironing is made easy and smooth and gets to move easily over the fabric. The steam is equally and simultaneously distributed to every edge and corner of the fabric, in this way you can cover a large piece of cloth in a quick pace of time.

Cord 96 inch in Length

Having a cord of this much length, it would no problem at all to easily move the iron all over the garment. You will be able to get the entire piece of garment ironed in one quick go. This feature tends to save to a vast amount of time, especially when there’s a lot to be ironed.

Preset Temperature Dial for Garment

This temperature dial shows result for different pieces of the garment rather than the temperatures. The temperature dial contains MIN, linen, Silk Wool, synthetic etc representing each one of them under a different key. This is how you need to not ponder over which dial should be selected for which fabric, you just have to move the dial exactly on what fabric you have in your hand.

Steam Burst Technology

The steam is generated just in a span of three seconds after when you have opted for steam burst. The powerful technology covers the whole area of the plate making the wrinkles to be easily removed. You can immediately have crease free garment with this extensive technology.

Auto Shut Off

If the temperature goes apart from the designated temperature, the automatic shut off will get in the process. It prevents severe accidents and makes your ironing get in the flow.

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  • The achievement of the highest temperature in quick time is made possible;
  • The stainless steel plate of the iron makes the ironing smooth and it can move all around the garment with great ease;
  • It contains a present garment dial with which you can easily iron the garment of any sort;
  • It contains automatic shut-off, you prevent from any worry of getting injured or burnt.


  • You may not get able to view the amount of water existing in the tank;
  • The iron cord cannot get retracted.


Likewise, you face no problematic scenarios while refilling your tank with water. It also contains vertical steam and steam burst, that gets you your clothes ironed with taking no unnecessary time.

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