Technology is taking over the world. There are new inventions with the newest features coming out every day. Oliso Pro TG1600 is a smart iron. Yes, you read it right, the Iron has touch technology and has got all the new features. Even though it is old but it is still widely used today due to its elegant design and features. Let us not forget to mention, back in 2006, Oliso Pro TG1600 was named as best innovation in the famous Times Magazine.

All this might have hyped you about what is so special of this iron. Let us look at the features, pros and cons of Oliso Pro TG1600 smart Iron. This review will make it easier for you to make a choice to whether buy this iron for your needs or no. Let us get started.

Oliso Pro TG1600 Smart Iron


  • iTouch Technology;
  • Pointed Tip;
  • Stainless Steel Sole Plate;
  • 1800 Watts Power;
  • Steam;
  • Auto Shut Off;
  • Large Water Tank;
  • Long Cord.

iTouch Technology

The most distinct feature of Oliso Pro TG1600 is that due to its iTouch technology it won’t let your clothes burn if you leave the iron. When you are pressing clothes and take off your hand from the handle of the iron, the iron will lift itself so it doesn’t touch the surface. And when you put your hand back on the handle, it will lower itself again.

Pointed Tip

The pointed tip of Oliso Pro TG1600 ensures that your clothes all look smooth and pressed to the finest. Due to its pointed tip, areas which are difficult to press such as areas near buttons, cuffs and edges, can be pressed efficiently. No more bad pressed edges!

Stainless Steel Sole Plate

Ultra-Premium stainless steel soleplate with bead blast chromium ensures the non-sticking of clothes and the heaviness flattens even the roughest of clothes in a short time. It is also durable, which means that if the iron accidently falls, the plate will not break itself.

1800 Watts Power

The 1800 watts power which is very high energy heats up the iron very fast so the clothes can be pressed quickly and proficiently in less time as compared to the irons with the low power.


The steaming feature offers 3 types of steam namely, continuous, horizontal and vertical steaming. This means that the iron can press clothes horizontal on an iron stand and as well as press cloth such as vertical curtains. Also, when the clothes aren’t being pressed, the iron stops producing steam which saves water and as well as energy.

Oliso Pro TG1600 Smart Iron

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Auto Shut Off

The Auto Shut off features turns off the Oliso Pro TG1600 after it is left unattended for approximately 30 minutes. This means that you do not need to worry about energy wastage.

Large Water Tank

The large water tank in Oliso Pro TG1600 comes with a large water tank. This means that you can fill in around 12.7 ounces of water at once and you do not need to worry about filling in the water again and again at several intervals.

Long cord

Oliso Pro TG1600 comes with a 12 feet long cord which means that you can move the iron freely and press clothes at your desired place without worrying about the socket being near.


The biggest con of the Oliso Pro TG1600 is that is doesn’t have a long life. The iron may fail to work after a year and the pressing quality decreases overtime as well.


Overall, the iTouch technology and large water tanks makes Oliso Pro TG1600 ideal for home use however if you are looking for an iron to last several years than Oliso Pro TG1600 might not be the right and ultimate choice for you.

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