The amazing Panasonic NI-E250TR consists no unique technology or ultra features. It is just a basic contemporary iron set that is capable of working so well. The most credible feature this set contains is its cord that can be retracted. This way it will let you avoid several inconveniences. The iron constitutes a qualitative soleplate made of titanium with nonstick characteristics.


  • Designed in U Shape Manner;
  • Bent Nonstick Soleplate;
  • Steam Level can be Adjusted and Set up;
  • Extra Release of Mist;
  • Accurate Temperature Maintenance;
  • Essential Voltage of Power;
  • Retracting property of the Power Cord;
  • Enrolment of Anti-calc Processing.

Designed in U Shape Manner

The sole plat it contains is perfectly in a U shape. This is how the steam circulation is boosted up and it is dispensed equally in the whole base region of the iron.

Bent Nonstick Soleplate

Panasonic NI-E250TR consists of an ultra quality soleplate made of titanium. Titanium ensures the heat conduction and diffusion evenly. It makes sure that the whole region of soleplate got the same temperature of heat. With the titanium soleplate, the ironing experience undergoes a smooth glide over the fabric. And as this iron has nonstick properties, this experience is further enhanced. The curve styled soleplate prevents plucking.

Steam Level can be Adjusted and Set up

This model’s lets go to authorize the amount of steam being consumed. The sturdy fabric material that contains deep creases needs both, high temperature as well as volumized steam. As well as, this iron set enables you to convert the steam mode into the dry iron mode.

Extra Release of Mist

This iron contains a feature of extra mist release. With the press of this button, you get excessive moisture content in that specific area.

Accurate Temperature Maintenance

You can never shirt the setting of temperature. The easy handling of dial lets you experience accuracy and precision when maintaining the correct temperature. With this, the temperatures are easily managed depending on what your fabric requires.

Essential Voltage of Power

The temperature of this iron becomes well hot that gives expected results.

Retracting property of the Power Cord

The cord of this specific iron can be easily handled and managed. With its retractable property, the cord reel does not undergo entanglement while ironing. It does not take large spaces when the iron is not used.

Enrolment of Anti-calc Processing

Panasonic NI-E250TR , lets you use the regularly available easy tap water in it. As it contains built up anti-calc technology that refrain the scale building up from the hard water. In this way, your iron is bestowed with more life.


Nonstick Soleplate Made of Titanium

This iron contains titanium made soleplate which lets the iron process easy move on the fabric. With the titanium property, the heat is effectively diffused around the whole plate and temperature maintenance is obtained.

Slightly Curved Soleplate

The soleplate is shaped in a curve. This is how the iron undergoes no tugging and plucking. As well as, makes the iron look stylish.

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The Power Cord That Can Be Easily Retracted

Panasonic NI-E250TR iron cord with the enrollment of the retractable power cord makes the tasks easier. There is no fear of getting clutched in the iron cord as it is not entangled. This iron constitutes only small spaces even when it is not being used.

The Availability Of Dry Steam

The iron tends the easy and reliable functioning as it grants the dray steam being available when required.

Easy Water Tank Watch

Panasonic NI-E250TR contains a large-sized window that enables the water tanked being easily monitored.


The Power Range Of This Iron Might Not Be Enough

This iron contains a limited small rang of power. It might not be functional enough to outdo the small creases on the fabric.

Does Not Function On An Auto Off

It has no automatic off technology. Even when the iron has become hot enough, it will continue being powered on. This lets the excessive electricity loss, heat wastage, and accidental hazards are likely to happen.

No Steam Burst Functionality

It has no steam burst technology. The irons that offer this feature might get an easier likelihood from the users.

Vertical Steaming Cannot Be Serviced

The steaming process only works when the iron is placed horizontally. There is no space for any steaming when the iron is vertically kept.


Panasonic NI-E250TR is a relatively a decent iron available in low sums of money. It might not get you all the desirous characteristics you would love to have, but indeed it is considered reliable to get the creases of your cloth to vanish. This iron contains qualitative material and equipment and offers a range of benefits along with it. If you are going on a squeezed budget, this iron is definitely the fundamental option for you.

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