Cordless Steam irons have been a pretty big step in the right direction when it comes to talking about technology easing the life of everyone. Not to mention the convenience and features they come with that allows you to tackle different problems that your regular iron is unable to do. Cordless Steam irons are like the usual steam irons but the only difference is that they remove the hassle of if an annoying power cable while the clothes are being ironed. They are also not a cheap product to buy so it is necessary that you know if you are getting the right product for the amount of money you are giving out. According to us, some of the best cordless steam irons around the market are ones reviewed below.

Panasonic NI-L70SR

The Panasonic NI-L70SR is a great option if you are one who hates to juggle between or take breaks during your ironing operation. One of the most notable feature to complement this is the retractable 5-ounce water tank that prevents you from taking the entire iron along when you want to go for a refill. It also has a temperature indicator in the form a light which blinks when the iron is ready to use and you can also adjust the temperature settings via temperature control governed by a microprocessor. In order to reheat the iron, you have to keep it at a charging station which has a 6-foot-long retractable cord; you can do so whenever you reposition or fold the clothes. For an added safety feature the charging station stops giving the heat to the iron every 10 minutes so as to not overheat it and risk the causation of a fire. The NI-L70SR has a curved stainless steel soleplate with holes for giving off steam and gaps for a frictionless movement. It has a variety of powerful steam modes that include vertical steam, steam burst and spray mist, this makes the ironing easier as you can tackle various problems.

Philips GC2080/28

The Philips GC2080/28 shines when it comes to easy use and implementation. One of the features it has to support this statement is its ceramic soleplate, this makes it easier to glide upon the fabric when you are ironing. It has a lock button to let the steam come out and it also gets rid of the problem where you would have to keep pressing the button for this function. For charging, the Philips GC2080/28 has a compact base so you will not have to worry about storage. The water tank is relatively large too so you don’t have to worry about running out of steam so often. It also comes with an anti-drip function that ensures your clothes do not attract any drop marks and an anti-calc system that makes sure the steam vents do not get clogged up and stain your clothes with the limescale. The overall weight of the iron is also very light that makes it easier to carry around whenever you want to go somewhere, either filling water or when you are moving out of your house for a long vacation. It is also worth mentioning that the iron charges relatively quickly so it doesn’t matter if you are in a hurry or not, you will find yourself in front of a fully functional product in a short amount of time.

Toshiba TA-FV410(L)

The Toshiba TA-FV410(L) is a cordless iron that is an ideal option if you are traveling. The reason being is that it is small and lightweight which makes it easier to carry around and it can just about fit anywhere, especially your suitcase. It is also a device that is good on the hands as it is easy to use and its effect is really felt whenever you glide upon your clothes. It is good at reaching creases and targeting areas underneath the buttons.  It has a silver ceramic which is unique and offers non-sticking properties meaning that it can glide over the fabric without having the problem to stick to it. Despite having a small water tank in comparison to other irons, the lightweight allows the iron to be carried around frequently whenever you want to use it. The Toshiba TA-FV410(L) also comes with a safety feature that is an auto shut-off whenever the iron is not in use. The temperature and steam options can be adjusted according to your needs so you can make the iron adapt to any problem with the clothes. The iron’s casing is also made out of plastic which makes it cost less than the other ones; this makes the TA-FV410(L) a good choice when you are on a budget.

Panasonic 360 Freestyle Cordless

The Panasonic 360 freestyle is an innovative option because of the features it contains than your regular cordless steam iron. In addition to the comfort and ease of ironing you can do with the cordless design it also focuses on reliability and portability. It has a unique double-tipped soleplate design that provides enhanced mobility, you can move the iron in any direction you want without having to pick it, reposition to another direction or distorting the fabric if you want to target all areas of your clothes. The charging base is used to quickly heat up the iron, which is a 1500-Watt unit. The charging base is also 6-foot long with a retractable cord and has a safety feature of turning off every 10 minutes so the iron does not overcharge or overheat. The steam iron also has inbuilt functionalities like the anti-calcium system that prevents the vents of the iron from being clogged up and the anti-drip system that reduces any possibilities of spots or stains happening via deposits off the steam. Both of these features help in prolonging the life of the iron and making it reliable for daily use. Talking about the steam functions, you can use its powerful steam to remove any wrinkles from your clothes. Plus, you can do it in a variety of ways by using features such as Shot of steam, spray mist, vertical steam or simply by using the iron in dry mode, all of it being adjusted by the steam settings.