One of the most innovative manufacturers of our time, Rowenta has had a long history of putting out products that set the standard for an easier or convenient future which gives some of the top home appliance companies a tough competition. Ever since their establishment in 1909 and their first iron being made in 1912, Rowenta has since looked for ways to add on more features and increase their versatility. You will find many products around the internet that have earned great acclaim from people of being very reliable and innovative. Rowenta iron reviews are one such pieces that signify this statement, as steam irons are one of the manufacturers most famous and successful product.

Rowenta DA1560 Compact Steam Iron Review

Rowenta steam irons are a flagship product for the company and in this article, we will talk about one that is ideal if you are a frequent traveler. The DA1560 Travel Compact steam iron by Rowenta is a quality piece of equipment that comes with lots of features and it performs all of its function with great finesse. It is sleek and ergonomic in design which makes it easier on the hands to use, the soleplate of the iron is made out of stainless steel and has a precision tip that gives us a smooth and superior glide, lastly the unique feature is that it uses dual voltage technology that makes it adaptable to any place you go; let us discuss these features in more detail.


  • Dual Voltage;
  • Microsteam Stainless Steel Soleplate;
  • Adjustable Handle;
  • Compact and Easy to Use;
  • Steam Features.

Dual Voltage

First, the feature that stands out the steam iron apart from others is the ability to be operated at 120V and 240V. Why is this useful? This is because some countries use 120V as their default household voltage while some use 240V; the DA1560 can operate at both of these ratings making it a versatile iron. The USA uses 120V and many of the countries in Europe use 240V, the steam iron is designed to work efficiently on both voltages so that you don’t have to go look around and buy a converter or are not left without any option.

Microsteam Stainless Steel Soleplate

Rowenta DA1560 Compact Steam Iron Review

Another feature that stands out is the Microsteam stainless steel soleplate of the iron. It is highly polished and offers a smooth glide no matter the type of fabric you are ironing, this also makes the iron feel light and puts less strain on the arms which means you can iron more clothes for long periods of time. The soleplate also has 200 steam holes that offer a uniform distribution of the steam across the surface of the fabric. Lastly, there is a high-precision tip on the soleplate that is really good at targeting tough creases or pleats and gets into harder to reach areas, like between buttons or under collars. The targeting and coverage provided by the precision tip makes ironing really roughed up clothes really easy, plus, you can also impact those tough areas of the clothes with potent bursts of steam so that they finally let go of their “stubborn” form.

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Adjustable Handle

The DA1560 is also pretty lightweight by itself in comparison to other steam irons of its class. The fact that it is so light and compact makes it an ideal product to be carried around when you are traveling, you won’t have to worry about the weight and it can fit anywhere inside of the suitcase really easily. Still, if you are having trouble finding a place to fit it in, then the handle of the steam iron can be adjusted. You can fold the handle down to be flat with the body of the iron even if you are not using it, this allows for the iron to be placed in tighter places. This compact fitting mode of the iron not only allows it to be squeezed in anywhere but it also gives you more room to work with, for instance, the space it saves up in your suitcase can be utilized by some other thing you really wanted to fit in, like your favorite coat or an extra bottle of shampoo even.

Compact and Easy to Use

Speaking of traveling, you also get a drawstring cloth bag along with the steam iron so that you can store it separately. Since the iron is already so light, weighing 2 pounds with the water tank being empty, it is easier to carry around. The compact or light weight of the iron also makes it easy on the operator as they do not have to apply excessive force in order to drive the iron across the fabric and they can iron for longer periods of time without being as much tired as they would with a normal, heavier steam iron. There is also a special, form-fitting case by Rowenta to emphasize on the iron’s safety when you are traveling and the case also provides a good fit for the iron to slip in and out of so that you don’t end up scratching the surface.

Rowenta DA1560 Compact Steam Iron Review

Steam Features

The steam capabilities of the Rowenta DA1560 are incredibly powerful and they target a lot of aspects about the fabric in focus. You no longer have to worry about burning or damaging your clothes as the iron has different temperature control settings to choose from, you can adjust them according to your needs and it shows that it is built to handle the most delicate to the toughest of fabric. There are also steam modes like the burst steam, which is good at targeting tough wrinkles in a specific area, and the vertical or variable steam mode, which is good at ironing fabric that is hanging vertically.


  • Glides smoothly over clothes;
  • Has a smooth glide;
  • Dual voltage feature allows the iron to be used anywhere;
  • Easy to handle and compact;
  • Pleasing aesthetics;
  • A foldable handle makes it easier to be fit.


  • The time to cool down is a bit long if you are in a hurry;
  • No safety features;
  • Small water tank capacity.

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