Another marvel of home appliances by the well-known Rowenta, the model DG5030 was built to satisfy the economic and hasty needs of the people. The high-powered steam station is among a favorite amongst homeowners, especially when they find themselves sending their clothes off to dry cleaning. You can effectively cut your bill in half or even remove it entirely because of the features available in the DG5030 and the consistency it gives whenever you want to iron your clothes on a daily basis. It is also very famous among sewing enthusiasts as you can easily press seams, smoothen fabric and pre-shrunk clothes that are preferably not to be washed.

The Rowenta DG5030’s incorporates the design of an advanced or professional dry-cleaning system and the convenience provided by a regular steam iron. No doubt this has been a great and fruitful innovation by Rowenta, who are always on the lookout for new technology to enhance their product line. This integration of both designs has led to some amazing developments in the DG5030, the features and its specifications are discussed below.


  • The Rowenta DG5030 is a complete and professional level ironing station that includes both a powerful steam iron and a mounting station for it;
  • It utilizes 1750 watts of power when in function;
  • It contains a 33-ounce water tank which can be used for about one and a half hour without having to be refilled;
  • The iron can also be used in an upright position;
  • The electrical cord is about 12-foot long and the steam cord is 6-foot;
  • Measurements are given by 12.75 x 11 x 10 inches;
  • The net weight of the product is 11.4 pounds;
  • It has a stainless steel soleplate;
  • Uses an illuminated ON/OFF switch;
  • A trigger is present to release steam located on the handle;
  • Body is made out of strong plastic and has a white and gray color.

Reduced Ironing Times

According to the manufacturers themselves, the Rowenta DG5030 is said to cut your ironing time in half because it produces 3 times more steam than a usual steam iron. If the steam released is 3 times more potent and great in amount than there is a deeper penetration of the steam vapors into the fabric, this allows them to remove wrinkles or press sharp creases in the fabric very easily. It is also worth mentioning that this feature comes at a reasonably high power cost of about 1750 watts.

Ease of Use

The soleplate of the DG5030 is built out of stainless steel that adds a bit of consistency to the overall product. Additionally, there are steam vents distributed upon the soleplate that allows for an even output of steam; the tip of the iron has even smaller vents for more precision when ironing stubborn fabric. The trigger for the steam is located right in front of the handle near where your index finger would normally be, and when it is activated, steam flows from the water tank to the iron via the 6-foot long cord. The water tank is also spacious enough to hold enough water for a session of about one and a half hour. You can even use tap water for the Rowenta DG5030 provided that the tap water is not extremely hard if that is so then a 50% mixture of distilled and tap water is advised.

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Steam Functionality

Along with the steam trigger on the handle, there is also a variable steam controller and a temperature control dial. The steam controller is located on the boiler unit in the form of a knob which you can adjust according to your required settings. Once you have filled the tank with water, wait about 7 minutes as the steam takes some time to get ready. You can also keep the iron at vertical when this process is in motion. The temperature controlling dial is located below the handle from where you can control the intensity of the heat.

The high-powered steam action of the Rowenta DG5030 makes it very effective and effortless to root out tough creases and wrinkles. With the power available to you with the tap of a button, you will find yourself going through clothes without any problems. If there are problems then the steam blasting mode, that makes use of short bursts of steam, can well address any major barriers. More steam incidentally means that your fabric will have fewer creases in future when you iron them again, thereby reducing your ironing team on an average basis.


  • The iron feels easy to use and lightweight in comparison to the usual steam irons because of its compact base;
  • The base can also be placed on a variety of surfaces such as floors, counters or anywhere the user wants;
  • Ironing is made much easier and faster because of its powerful steam action. The Rowenta DG3050 produces three times more steam than your usual irons;
  • You are given more and improved features for the price tag of a normal steam iron;
  • The iron is also great for steaming heavy jackets and furniture;
  • The long power cords provide greater range and mobility;
  • The control panel and other options like steam control or temperature control are user-friendly, thus easy to use and configure.


  • The Rowenta DG5030 system takes quite a while to warm up before it can be optimally used;
  • It also takes about 7 minutes for the steam to be prepared from the 33-ounce water tank;
  • Holding the steam button down for too long can make the water to be built upon the fabric you are ironing. This will lead to your clothes being stained and the temperature of the iron to be distorted;
  • There is also a danger of leaks coming not only from the soleplate but also the water tank. The iron sometimes throws out water instead of steam from the water tank. This complaint is also very common among customers;
  • Though the iron is lightweight and easy to use, it is not durable and the product runs out of life within a few months in use;
  • There are also visibility issues when it comes to the water tank, you can’t see the water levels through the tank, thus it is hard to keep track of how much water is remaining.

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