You got to rush to attend something important. You cannot afford to get late today. And boom! You don’t have a single shirt ironed.  You can’t even think about pressing it now. It is such a time-consuming chore. With your heavy and old-fashioned iron set, ironing has become your greatest fear. What to do? Can this day get any worse?

Now rewind all of it and replace your old iron set with the Rowenta steam iron. Even if your clothes are not ready, you can iron them quickly without hesitation. That is what a perfect iron set do to you. With Rowena steam iron, pressing clothes is not a problem to you anymore. Rowenta has all the capabilities to iron clothes with subtlety. Ironing problems will sound like a cliché to you with this perfect iron set.

Rowenta DG8520 steam iron is not like any ordinary iron set. It is a tool that can change your perspective about ironing. You can iron every pattern properly with Rowenta. Once you own it, it will be hard to live without it. It’s amazing features make your ironing life easier. It functions better than any other iron set and is considered to be the best. No wonder it is called the ‘Mercedes of irons,’ with its amazing capabilities and features it is your best choice.


rowenta dg8520 steam iron station
  • Long-lasting Steam;
  • Spacious Water Tank;
  • Short Heat-up Time;
  • Well-designed Precise Iron Tip;
  • Safety Lock;
  • Micro Steam Soleplate;
  • Eco-mode;
  • Water Tank Refill Indicator;
  • Comfortable Handle Grip and Lightweight.

Rowenta with its exceptional design and features has won many hearts. The amazing and wide range of features offers a great deal. Read on to find out more about Rowenta DG8520 perfect steam iron.

Long-lasting Steam

The steam trigger produces pressurized steam to remove all the wrinkles in your clothes. The steam trigger can produce steam for more than an hour. This way, you can press your clothes in bulk. The strong steam output and modest weight also mean that one can use the steamer for ironing delicate such as dresses on hangers and to even refresh fabrics.

Spacious Water tank

Rowenta has a removable water tank. It can store up to 47 ounces of water. It is easily refillable. A full water tank can last for 2 hours. The large water space reduces the number of refills.

Short heat-up time

rowenta dg8520 steam iron station

Rowenta DG8520, unlike other irons, heats up readily. It is less time-consuming and more efficient. You can iron all your laundry in one goes with Rowenta. It is the ideal replacement of your typical, old iron machine.

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Well-designed Precise Iron tip

The iron tip is designed to reach all the hard spots in a dress. The folding pleats and buttoned areas are now easy to iron with Rowenta. It saves the struggle with its well-designed tip.

Safety lock

Safety locks are available to prevent accidental burns. Child safety is important too. The safety locks are helpful to keep the children in your home safe. It can be manually activated to save them from any mishaps.

Micro steam soleplate

It has 400 micro steam holes. Which help keep the iron steamed and hot. It helps to ensure long-lasting performance. It helps to glide smoothly over the fabric.


This amazing iron set can even help you save energy. The eco-energy mode of Rowenta uses up less energy than usual. It heats up quickly because the boiler and water tank is separated. The generated steam makes the process of ironing less difficult. The eco-mode is a unique feature which is hard to find in any other iron set.

Water tank refill indicator

When the water quantity is low in the water tank, the indicator points it out. The hassle to remove and check it is gone.

Comfortable Handle Grip and Lightweight

Rowenta DG8520 has a very comfortable handle which allows you to slide it over fabric easy. It is so light weighed and movable. Rowenta steam iron has come to diminish all your ironing problems.


rowenta dg8520 steam iron station
  • Safety locks system for children;
  • Removable and refillable water reservoir;
  • Heats up quickly;
  • Sleek design and style;
  • Eco-mode uses up less energy.


  • Steam system is a bit quirky and bulky;
  • The power cord is quite short.

Professional Ironing Results

With Rowenta steam iron, you can press your clothes like a pro. It is your perfect partner to remove wrinkles from your fabrics. It is a very useful tool for sewing and draping purposes. The steam system makes ironing the difficult parts of a dress very easy. Not a single crease can escape from Rowenta DG8520 steam iron.

Customer Response

All the people who have used Rowenta DG8520 iron showed great love to this amazing iron set. With its qualities and capabilities, the customers have become very happy. It has changed the way we look at the chore of ironing. It has genuinely changed the perspective of ironing into a fast and handy task. All the customers have reviewed a great response.


Rowenta DG8520 steam iron set can knock out any other iron set by its amazingly programmed features. Its quality, design and all the specifications are sufficient to beat any other iron set. It is popularly called ‘Mercedes of irons’ because of its fastest service. The safety-lock system, steam generation, and well-designed iron tip are featured to make your ironing journey easy. Ironing is no longer a chore with Rowenta DG8520. You can easily order your own Rowena DG8520 steam iron on the Amazon app now.

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