We carry about various household chores in our everyday routine. Some maybe, cooking, cleaning, washing, decorating and pressing clothes to wear. When you are looking out to press clothes, you need an Iron which has got most of the features and as well as uses the right amount of power energy.

Rowenta is a German brand and its popularity is increasing day by day due its superior quality and the way it presses clothes without leaving a single wrinkle.

This review of Rowenta DW2070 steam Iron will discuss the features along with its pros and cons. Let us get started.

Self-cleaning Feature

With the passage of time, minerals such as, calcium carbonate present in the water accumulates in the body of the iron. This decreases the life span of the iron and the quality of pressing clothes. However, due to the self-cleaning feature in Rowenta DW2070, this doesn’t happen in this iron as the Iron cleans itself and flushes out any calcium carbonate that might try to get accumulated in the iron.

Stainless Steel Sole

In some irons, some types of fabric such as silk might get stuck on it and eventually burns the cloth. However, the stainless steel sole plate on Rowenta DW2070 insures that the iron doesn’t stick to any type of fabric and smoothly press the clothes. It is more durable and doesn’t become rusty over time. The plate has approximately 300 holes distributed across the stainless steel sole to release the steam which improves the quality of pressing.

Auto Shut Off Feature

At times, we might leave our irons without shutting them off, the energy is wasted and there may be a chance of a fire accident as well. The auto shut off feature insures the safety of the user pressing clothes. If the steam iron is left unused for 30 seconds on base, it will auto shut itself after about 8 minutes. Moreover, if it is left unattended on sole or side, the steam iron will auto shut itself after only 30 seconds. This feature prevents energy loss and accidents.

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Anti-drip System

rowenta dw2070 steam review

The anti-drip system prevents the water dripping and leaking out to soak all the others. However, the effectiveness of this iron is questioned by the customers as there are complaints about this feature. The work and effectiveness of this feature may depend upon a couple of factors such as, filling adequate water in the water tank, not too less or not excessive water.

1600 Watt Power

Ones of the main feature of Rowenta DW2070 is the 1600 watts power which is just right and ideal for a steam iron. The more power the iron has, the faster it gets heated up and presses clothes in less time. The lower the power, the more time it takes for the clothes to be pressed. So a 1600 watt power may cost more but ultimately, it presses clothes faster so it outweighs the costs.

Variable Steam Function

There are three types of steam in Rowenta DW2070 namely, spray mist, shot of steam and variable steam. The variety of steam ensures that the iron does not only press clothes on an iron stand but also it can press clothes vertically hanged on a clothe’s hanger.

Pointed Tip

The pointed tip at the front of the steam iron presses the cloth area around the buttons and edges efficiently.

The cons of Rowenta DW2070 are the body isn’t durable, it may break upon falling. Moreover, 7 foot long cord by need an extention to plug it and press far from the power socket.

Overall Rowenta DW2070 has amazing features and it is priced under $50.

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