Different iron brands desire to be the best when it comes to buyers’ choice, listings or reviews of the best Iron In market today. To achieve this aspiration, various brands have included or introduced different features enabling customers to get utmost satisfaction for a lesser price while using their brands.

The Rowenta varieties of steam irons is one of the most respected brands in the market; and have continued to push the limits to deliver on its promise of “High performance for your well being” which combines power, precision, and performance to give you outstanding results.

The Rowenta DW5080 model has not only helped achieve the brand aspiration of been the best in the Iron business, this German made iron is also the most popular version for less than a $100 on Amazon with qualities above it price tag.

The DW5080 artistic design concentrates on the features the iron delivers rather than its aesthetic appeal. The shape of the DW5080 is not entirely different from the rest of the DW series, especially the DW6080 Eco Intelligence model. It still embodies a heavy and chunky but solid design in a beige color. It has a nice and sturdy handle that gives a good grip and comfort in your hands. The ergonomic thermostat knob enables you to select the precise settings for your fabrics such as linen, cotton, wool, silk and nylon. 

Though, the well placed steam control lever at the top together with a steam jet and spray-mist button was aimed to make it more comfortable for long time ironing, its unique precision tip ensures that you get rid of creases embedded in corners or within layers. 

Rowenta DW5080 is different from the DW2070 model given that, while the latter was produced in china, the former was made in Germany thereby guaranteeing quality and reducing the likelihood of product defects. 


  • 400 micro steam holes
  • Stainless steel sole plate with precision tip
  • Automatic power off
  • 1700 watts of power
  • Self cleaning system and Anti calc feature 
  • 10 oz water tank
  • Vertical steaming
  • Anti drip feature


The sole plate for the Rowenta DW5080 has the highest number of steam micro holes available in the market and Rowenta has even copyrighted it, meaning no other brand is going to release a 400 micro holes iron using the same technique. 

These unique 400 steam micro holes distributed evenly along the surface enables the iron to release more steam, making it easier to remove creases. While irons with 300 micro holes like the Rowenta DW2070 is very effective. The DW5080 focus can rival any high cost brand in the market today.


The Rowenta DW5080 has a solid sole plate which is made of stainless steel and which is highly polished. Though ceramic, it is known to be a superior material for making sole plate, stainless steel is also a high quality material, been that It does not rust and scratch while maintaining its shine for a long period of time. 

The focus DW5080 has an excellent glide on the burst of steam fabric which helps to ease the ironing task making it less boring. This model also incorporates an aluminum core which helps distribute heat quickly and evenly across the plate. This sole rounded bottom was designed to prevent wrinkle as you move the iron back and forth.


The Auto off is a safety measure used to prevent accident, though a common feature even among budget and premium iron brands. While safety is also an important factor to consider, the auto off is nonetheless useful and can prevent accidents like electric shocks or even fires. 

The Rowenta DW5080 turns itself off after 8 minutes when left idle vertically. When left on its base or tipped over, it automatically shuts off it 30 seconds. This safety precaution gives assurance to those who are easily distracted when ironing or those who often forget to turn off when they are done.

Note:  Stored heat will still scorch your garment if you leave it face down.


The Rowenta DW5080 comes with a remarkable 1700 watts power. This is similar to what much more expensive models like the Rowenta DW9280 offer. The Rowenta DW5080 therefore heats up much quicker and produces more steam than those with lower wattage making ironing faster.


The Rowenta self cleaning feature regularly removes any deposits or impurities that accumulate inside and may block the chamber. Deposits from the use of hard water which contains elements such as calcium and magnesium are auto cleaned by Rowenta DW5080. 

The burst of steam feature is also very effective in cleaning vents. The integrated anti calc system ensures that scale does not build up which could ruin the iron. This efficient and clean steam delivery increases the lifespan of the iron making it last longer.


This iron comes with a large water tank compared to the DW2070 which is only 8.54 oz. This model allows the use of tap water and has a level indicator that shows safe level to avoid dripping. However the 400 micro holes release a large amount of steam and therefore deplete the tank much faster.


The DW5080 features a powerful burst of steam at 100g/min to take care of the difficult wrinkles. The vertical steam ensures that you can remove creases even on garments and clothes that are hanging on the line without taking them off the hanger. This feature can also be used in cleaning the iron for more efficiency.


Anti-drip system prevents leaking and seeping of water when the iron is turned on low temperature.


  1. The 400 micro holes allow it to produce a lot of steam. It also boasts a powerful 100g/min burst of steam to remove tough wrinkles.
  2. An auto steam feature that adjusts the steam output to match the temperature of the sole plate.
  3. DW5080 focus guarantee high quality and is made in Germany.
  4. It has an enhanced anti-drip system that prevents water drops.
  5. Large soft rear which provides extra stability when the iron is on its heel.
  6. It has a unique precision tip is great for ironing difficult corners.


  1. This iron is a little heavier than other steam irons weighing 3.4lbs and not suitable for people who iron for long period of time.
  2. It exhausts the tank quickly during ironing due to the large amount of steam it produces.
  3. It costs close to $100 which is a bit pricey. There are other brands which cost much less with similar features.
  4. It might take a little time to master the steam-burst function


The Rowenta DW5080 is no doubt one of the best steam iron models in the market due to its all around features, such as steam capability, safety, comfortability, maintenance, new technology and reasonable price.

However, it is no match for the Rowenta DW8080 which is a much better choice because it has better features and costs much less on Amazon.