To do iron at home is like a hectic task. But what if the iron has performance oriented, friendly and comes up with ideal features that can easily switch the temperature according to your clothes? Indeed, that will make your life reliable and make your clothes fine according to your desire. There is no doubt so many products and brands which are easily available in the market and among them, the ROWENTA is one of the super active and demandable brands which people prefer to buy when it comes about the iron buying.

But sometimes a heap of models can create a bit fussy and confuse a little bit to pick the right one. So to consider all these facts, I am going to jot down the detailed Rowenta DW 5197 review which is not just perfect but has so many beneficial features that can make this iron hurdle flexible and smooth.

How Good the Rowenta DW 5197 Focus Steam Iron is?

This European brand Rowenta model DW 5197 is well known because of its focus steam. It has a capacity of thick layer aluminum core that gives you safe yet powerful heating consistently and provides an outstanding performance. It also has a shut-off and anti- dripping features with easy handling. So you can easily iron your clothes without the fear of any fuss or hurdle.

What Makes Rowenta DW 5197 Unique?

The thing that makes this Rowenta DW 5197 unique is just its specifications and features. It is no doubt one of the impressive models that have the ability of 1,725 power watts and 400 steam ports. It also has a sole plate with stainless steel and a self-cleaning system so one can easily enjoy the iron time.


Rowenta DW5197 Focus Steam
  • It has a 7+ feet cord length;
  • 4.4lbs lightweight;
  • 1,725 power watts;
  • 400 steam ports;
  • Auto clean;
  • 12.6” x 7” x 7.5” size.


  • It has a Water spray;
  • Vertical steam with a powerful burst;
  • Micro steam vents;
  • Ergonomic temperature knob;
  • It has a clear tank with graduated lines;
  • Soleplate with scratch resistant nonstick stainless steel;
  • Auto Steam output feature;
  • Smooth gliding;
  • Anti-drip and anti-calc.

Rowenta DW 5197 Focus Steam Detailed Review

In spite of this, this Rowenta DW 5197 focus steam iron purple 1725-watt iron is simply said to be made for the homemade purpose. The main things that make this product unique from other models are its highlights. The iron has no doubt uses 1,725 watts of intensity and also has a cleaned tempered steel sole-plate. This plate has 400 steam ports and creates a smooth float for easy squeezing. The quantity of steam ports takes into consideration effective steam circulation that gets wrinkles out of even obstinate textures.

To continue this tail, there in Rowents DW 5197 you can also find two catches to create a shower of water and burst of steam when you require help in fixing garments. The temperature is constrained by modifying a dial situated under the handle, The Rowenta steamer can be balanced with the auto-steam highlight. Additionally, it has a water tank fit for holding 10 ounces of water. You can likewise utilize this iron for vertical steaming of drapery and hanging garments, the good thing of this model is that it has anti-calc and self-cleaning highlights that simply helps to expel flotsam and jetsam and keep the steam gaps free and reliable.

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So without any doubt, this Rowenta iron steam is like a multi-package and best deal for the buyers. Along these lines, the iron has no programmed closed off component. The unit will never close down subsequent to being turned on until the point when it’s unplugged. On the other hand, if you are a person who has children, and pets or sometimes forgets to unplug your iron, then you may need to think about another alternative. Apart from this, this is also a very advantageous deal, especially when after sewing your clothes it works well and makes your clothes well-organized and smooth. This model has a long cord that is right around 8 feet long, and it turns 360 degrees. So what else you want?


Rowenta DW5197 Focus Steam
  • Longer lifespan;
  • 1 layer fiber pad;
  • Pointy tip;
  • Double up steamer;
  • 1-year warranty;
  • User-friendly;
  • Best wrinkle removal from different fabric clothes;
  • Auto adjustable temperature;
  • Safe and convenient design;
  • Completely safe and clean iron;
  • Perfect heating and steam system.


  • It has no auto-off feature;
  • Because of huge steam output, the tank requires regular refills;
  • Manual lacks instructions;
  • This Rowenta DW 5197 price is too expensive.

Customer Reviews

Despite this, customers are quite happy to buy this Rowenta micro steam iron. Rest there are few cons which some buyers faced like the high price cost, manual guidance and no auto shut/ turn off feature. Rest due to its highly steam ability it also requires to refill the tanks on daily basis.


After this long haul, last but not least, this Rowenta DW 5197 iron model no doubt offers you all the incredible power and execution. I recommend you all to must check this product before going to buy any other iron steam. If you are really searching to buy the one that is reliable, easy to handle and easily removes all the wrinkles and make your fabric stuff smooth and lasting then feel free to buy this iron steam.

Apart from this, the Rowenta DW 5197 iron design is quite effective and easy to carry. You can even pack it in your luggage and take it everywhere at any time. So what are you waiting for? Just simply go and visit your nearby store or any reliable website and then book your order before it’s too late.

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