Irons have become a necessity for every household. Most people cannot imagine walking out of the house with creased clothes. While looking for irons, you will find dozens of similar pieces available in the market having different features and prices, it is important to select a clothing iron that is pocket friendly, provides maximum efficiency and is easy to use. The article will discuss the features of Rowenta DW6080 Eco-Intelligence Steam Iron in detail so you can decide if it is the right choice to fulfil all your ironing needs.

Rowenta DW6080 is a great iron that gives maximum results while consuming less power, it will leave your clothes with a crease free and smooth look. But before you go for it, it is important that you take a look at what the iron has to offer so you do not have any second thoughts.


rowenta dw6080
  • Power Rating of 1700W;
  • The iron consists of three unique steam settings;
  • Ability to shutdown automatically;
  • Anti-drip built;
  • Excellent grip;
  • Soleplate that is made up of stainless steel;
  • 400 hole design;
  • Minimum energy consumption.

1700W Power Rating

Some irons will make you wait for a while until they heat up. With the Rowenta DW6080, you will not have to worry about waiting. The iron takes seconds to heat up for an amazing ironing experience.

Three Steam Settings

The iron comes with three different types of steam settings namely, eco, dry and boost. Most steam irons do not have this facility. You can set the ironing mode according to your choice and the type of cloth you will be ironing. The amount of steam given out by the iron will be in your control so the fabric of the clothes is safe from damage due to heat.

Automatic Shutdown

Another excellent feature of this steam iron is that it shuts down automatically if it remains idle for 8 minutes or more. This in turns avoids dangerous accidents. The feature is not usually available in many irons, and due to the user’s negligence many accidents takes place. By shutting down on its own if it is left unattended, the iron ensures safety. This also helps reduce unnecessary electricity consumption.

rowenta dw6080

Anti-Drip Built

Forget about water dripping from your Rowenta DW6080 Eco-Intelligence Steam iron even when the tank is full. It is designed in a way that avoids any unwanted or annoying leakage. In addition, the overall design and exterior is quite aesthetic as well.

Great Grip

The steam iron has amazing grip, most irons do not have good grips, which makes ironing uncomfortable or annoying. The Rowenta DW6080 has a good grip and you will not have to worry about the iron slipping out of your hands. Turn the iron in any direction, fast or slow, gently or faster, easily and comfortably.

Stainless Steel Soleplate

The stainless steel soleplate of the Rowenta DW6080 is durable and provides efficient and smooth ironing. It moves properly and smoothly over the toughest fabrics and leaves, the clothes crease free in seconds. Due to this property, it will not stain if it is exposed to water droplets. You will have a shiny and good as new iron even after a long time of purchasing it.  

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400 Hole Design

You might wonder what so many holes do; well they are there to make sure that the steam is evenly and properly distributed across the fabric. With such a high amount of steam, coming out from the holes your clothes will be ironed in no time.

Minimum Energy Consumption

The Rowenta DW6080 consumes less than 25% energy and this feature makes it an excellent choice as compared to other steam irons that do not have this property. They have high amounts of energy consumptions that can be hefty on the pockets. If you have a huge amount of clothes for ironing every day or you iron frequently, you will not have to worry about the iron taking too much energy.

rowenta dw6080


  • The iron has a cool design and exterior. It looks quite attractive;
  • It is quite durable;
  • It is pocket friendly as compared to other steam irons of the sort;
  • It consumes very low energy as compared to others team irons;
  • It gives out the right amount of heat required for any fabric;
  • The automatic shutdown feature prevents accidents and ensures safety;
  • The iron has a good grip and makes ironing comfortable;
  • The iron glides over the fabric smoothly and reduces crease quite fast;
  • It heats up very quickly; you will not have to wait to start ironing;
  • You can iron vertically with this iron due to its special vertical ironing capabilit.


It was quite hard to list down the cons because hardly any were found. The steam-setting button of the iron is a little delicate; however, this can be ignored when you will get to enjoy plenty of amazing features mentioned above.


So far, no negative reviews were found about the Rowenta DW6080 Eco-Intelligence Steam Iron, and that is because the iron is great. This steam iron is a complete package for ironing with its features and low price. If you are looking for all the features that this iron provides in any other iron, you might not be able to find them. The excellent features in a low price is only provided in Rowenta DW6080 iron. Alternatives that are more expensive are available in the market, but this iron is one of the best irons you will find in the market for crease free, effortless and efficient ironing.

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