In everyday life, we wear clothes that are pressed, with no wrinkles on them. While we may get our clothes ironed from a laundry shops, sometimes, we have to press them at home when there is an emergency.

In case you are confused which iron you should buy, let us help you. Steam Irons work best when you are in hurry and they press the clothes with great accuracy. In this review will be particularly talking about the features, pros and cons of Rowenta DW8183 iron, which has gain immense popularity in a short time period.

This iron, is considered as one of the best among it’s sister irons such as, Rowenta DW5080, Rowenta DR8080, Rowenta IS6300, Rowenta DG5030, Rowenta DG8430.

Rowenta Features DW8183:

  • Stainless steel soleplate;
  • Automatic shut off;
  • Greater controls;
  • Works on all types of cloth;
  • Water tank;
  • Vertical steam;
  • Anti-slip frame;
  • Anti-calc body;
  • Long cord.

Stainless steel soleplate

The stainless steel soleplate doesn’t stick to any type of cloth, it smoothly irons the clothes and does not stick to any type of cloth.

Automatic shut off 

At times, we may forget to turn off the iron and it may cause an accident and also loss of electricity. However, Rowenta DW8183 shuts itself if it is left untreated. When in vertical position, it shuts off after 8 minutes and in horizontal position, it shuts itself in 30 seconds.

Greater controls 

Rowenta DW8183

The controls on the iron are simple and easy to use, to that anyone can use it efficiently and make the best use of all the features.

Works on all types of cloth

Since this iron has two types of steams, the burst steam and the consistent steam, the settings can be changed according to the fabric you are pressing. The burst steam can be used for hard fabrics whereas the consistent steam can be used for sensitive and light clothes.

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Water tank

The steam iron has a large water tank which can store good amount of water. You won’t have to fill in the tank again and again after pressing clothes. In one go, it can produce a lot of steam to iron the clothes.

Rowenta DW8183

Vertical steam

This steam iron not only presses clothes but it can also press your curtains by the help of its vertical steam feature. The iron can be used in the vertical position as it produces steam even when it is held in vertical position.

Anti-slip frame

This features allows the steam iron to stay consistent when pressing clothes. When you are pressing clothes, it will press clothes smoothly and will not slip. It has a strong grip.

Anti-calc body

The anti-calc design helps the iron get cleaned easily. The water of steam doesn’t gets contaminated on the surface of the body.

Long cord

This steam iron has a large cord of 84 inches. This makes sure, that you can press your clothes when far away from a switch or an electricity socket. You do not have to worry about placing your iron stand near a switch.


While these were the features and pros of the Rowenta DW8183, there are cons and drawbacks as well. One of the major drawback is that the water tank is not entirely transparent. Moreover, the cord’s quality is not up to the mark. Overall Rowenta DW8183 is considered one of the best steam iron and you should definitely go for it.

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