Looking good they say is good business. Different iron brands achieve different results and are built for different purposes to ensure our wears get desired outlooks. 

Some steam irons are built specifically for professional use and might not be suitable for home use because they may lack some certain features. The Rowenta variety of steam irons is one of the most respected brands in the market; combining power, precision, and performance to give you outstanding results.

These are some of the best Rowenta irons of 2017-2018 that you must consider before making your purchase.



This German made iron is the most popular Rowenta brands under the $100 mark and is among the top highest rated steam irons. The iron combines ergonomic controls that are easily readable and adjustable. It has been designed to offer ultimate precision and maximum control. 

Rowenta DW5080 offers you superb steam capabilities that will make you forget how hard it is to get stubborn wrinkles out of your fabrics, this capability is unavailable to brands with less than 400 micro holes. Though not as heavy as I thought it would be, The Rowenta DW5080 makes ironing look like fun.


  1. The 400 micro holes allow it to produce a lot of steam. It also boasts a powerful 100g/min burst of steam to remove tough wrinkles.1700 watts power allows it to heat up very quickly and iron faster.
  2. The 10-ounce water tank does not require frequent refills.  An enhanced anti-drip system that prevents water drops. 
  3. The iron has a great self-cleaning and anti-calc function to auto remove impurities and increase lifespan.
  4. It has vertical steam capability. An auto steam feature that adjusts the steam output to match the temperature of the sole plate.
  5. Auto-off function. The 8-foot long cord makes the iron easy to move around The Unique precision tip is great for ironing difficult corners.


  1. This iron is a little heavier than other steam irons weighing 3.4lbs.
  2. It exhausts the tank quickly during ironing due to the large amount of steam it produces.
  3. It might take a little time to master the steam burst function.



Rowenta DW8080 is one of best budget Iron. This professional grade iron comes with a comfort grip handle and an extra large water tank. The DW8080 gives you three steam options as well as a cool-mist-spray option that melts creases effortlessly on any fabric.


  1. This iron is less pricey than other models.
  2. The iron stands upright firmly.
  3. You can use tap water to fill the water tank.
  4. The non-stick soleplate glides easily on the fabrics during ironing.
  5. It is a high watt iron at 1700 watts that heats up quickly and produces enough heat to generate an excellent amount of steam.
  6. 400 micro steam holes on the sole plate that offers excellent steam distribution.
  7. Anti-calc and self-clean systems.
  8. 3-way power auto off for safety.
  9. It has vertical steaming function and a long burst of steam.
  10. 10.The 12.7-ounce water tank that is one of the largest and an anti-drip system.


  1. The cord is only 7 foot and therefore relatively short.
  2. Its water tank is poorly labeled and water level not visible. It also drips.
  3. Relatively heavy and can be tiresome over a long period of use.



This is an exceptional Rowenta model that boasts ultramodern technology. From motion sensors to LED indicators, this is clearly one of the best Rowenta irons. 

The 1800-watt steam iron uses Steam Force Technology to quickly and effectively remove any kind of crease from almost any type of cloth.


  1. Unique steam force technology that pushes 30% more steam than other irons.
  2. Motion sensors that control steam generation making it very energy efficient.
  3. It has a LED digital display for easy selection of fabric.
  4. 1800 watts of power allowing it to heat up extremely fast.
  5. It has a powerful burst of steam at 210 g/min which makes it very efficient in removing creases.
  6. Auto power shut off.
  7. Superior stainless steel soleplate which is scratch resistant.
  8. The 400 micro steam holes ensure maximum distribution producing professional results.
  9. It has a self-clean and anti-calc system for easy maintenance.
  10. 10.The large tank keeps you going for a while without frequent refills.


  1. It requires frequent refills because the high amount of steam produced exhausts the tank very quickly.
  2. This iron is a little heavier than other irons on the market.
  3. The dial is too close to the handle – you may accidentally change settings when you pick up the iron.
  4. It has a relatively short power and its relatively expensive



This is an iron specifically designed for the needs of tailors and designers, Unlike many other irons, it does not go off even after long period of stationary use making it appropriate for tasks like embossing or pleating. 

However, professionals and non-professionals alike will find it a great asset. 


  1. The 1725 watts of power allows the iron to heat up quickly and clear up creases more easily.
  2. Powerful spurt of steam at 180g/min that can handle stubborn creases.
  3. Superb steam generation combining high power and 400 micro holes.
  4. A vertical steam feature that allows straightening of hanging garments.
  5. Highly effective and specifically suited for professional use.
  6. Stainless steel precision tip for durability and ease of reach to difficult garment sections.
  7. An auto steam function that matches the steam output to the sole temperature for ease of ironing.
  8. It has no auto-off making it ideal for quilting or professional tailoring.
  9. Self-clean and ant calc function that increases efficiency and lifespan.
  10. 10. Anti-drip feature to protect delicate garments.


  1. It lacks auto power off which can lead to fires if left on accidentally.
  2. Its tank is only 10 oz and requires frequent refills during ironing.



This iron has a comfortable handle with a thumb rest. The DW2070 was introduced to make ironing stress free due to its easy handling; this is a light iron that provides good performance. 


  1. It has a precision tip that reaches otherwise hard to reach areas.
  2. 1600 watts power ensuring that it heats up fast.
  3. It has 300 micro steam holes technology that ensures superior steam generation and distribution.
  4. Variable steam and vertical steam for vertical steaming.
  5. Scratch-resistant stainless steel soleplate.
  6. It has an anti-calc and self-clean function.
  7. Auto-off function for safety.


  1. Unlike other Rowenta models, the DW2070 is manufactured in China (only). 
  2. There are concerns about its quality and durability.
  3. There are many buyers who have complained about the iron leaking.
  4. The power cord only measures 7 foot which some people find short.