In this day and age, our clothes play a major role in defining us, particularly giving first impressions and looking good from the outside is of the utmost importance. You don’t need to wear clothes which are expensive to look your best; just ironing your clothes to make them wrinkle-free can give you an air of confidence and experience. Hence irons have great importance in the life of every person as they greatly boost your self-esteem.

In the world of irons, Rowelta has prominently established itself as a world leader and is well-known for it’s garment care products. Founded in Germany in 1909, it has become quite known for its first-class quality products and global outlook. Rowelta continues to manufacture excellent home appliances for its customers and hence we bring you their latest innovation the Rowenta-IS6200 steam iron. If you are looking to buy this steam iron than you might want to know about its cool features as well as its pros and cons.

rowenta is6200 review

The new IS6200 is ideal for steaming household garments and furnishings. It provides you with a list of amazing characteristics which guarantee you a profitable investment.

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  • Small, Lightweight and Durable;
  • Tilt and roll design;
  • Adjustable telescopic pole;
  • Smart ON/OFF feature;
  • Garment clips and built-in hanger;
  • Convenience;
  • Extra attachments.

The IS6200 model is built in a way that is perfect for traveling as it has a user-friendly and compact design. It just weighs 29 pounds, can be easily stuffed into your suitcase as well as maneuvered wherever you want with ease. Also, its strong structure comes with a polymer plastic covering which makes it even more durable. Furthermore, it also has an incorporated safety feature known as “stay cool” which minimizes accidents where your hand could get scorched. A helpful feature for sure!

The steamer is manufactured with two large wheels, therefore, it can also be operated like a suitcase in the tilt and roll fashion. This is perhaps IS6200’s radical attribute which has the potential to make your job much easier. It allows the user to move the steamer around the house without much effort and also gives you better control over the steam iron. Well! Its all about control to get that perfect outfit.

Another way in which this steamer makes the job of its user comfortable is through its telescopic pole. This adjustable pole can be set to the desired height of the user while performing straightening. It also has a portability function as it can be easily folded up to fit into much smaller spaces. Space is always an issue. Well, now you have your solution to the problem.

rowenta is6200 review

The ON/OFF feature is located at the base of the machine hence it can be turned on or off through your foot without any difficulty. The steamer also has a built-in auto switch safety feature to prevent any kind of damage when the water tank is drained. This is a very eco-friendly feature which reduces the risk of accidents and also saves power. Saving energy, one of the most essential features to have in the 21st century

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If you’re buying this steamer you’ll also be getting in-built hangers and hooks with it where you can hang your clothes during or when you’re done with the steaming. This feature ensures that steaming and hanging the garments up is a hassle-free process. Clips are also given to firmly hold the clothes while steaming.

As you might have noticed above, from start to finish this steamer is designed in such a way that its top priority is to provide convenience to the user from each angle. The steamer heats up within minutes, taking only a minute as a warm-up. The steamer also comes with a large water tank which holds up to 81 ounces of fluid and provides steam for an up till an hour. This makes sure that you don’t have to continuously refill the tank. It even has the best steam output which can remove creases from any type of fabric. Is there a better iron than this?

The IS6200 also has a great many extra accessories which include lint pad, fabric brush etc. The lint pad can be used to keep your clothes lint-free while the fabric brush comes in handy by keeping different fabrics wrinkle-free. Can be used on every kind of fabric, it cannot get better than this, can it?

rowenta is6200 review


  • It has convenient maneuvering;
  • Heats up the water quickly;
  • Has large water storage so no need to refill continuously;
  • Can be easily assembled;
  • Has a built-in garment hanger;
  • Gives maximum steam output;
  • Reasonably priced.


  • The power cord is rather short (6 ft.);
  • There is no stopper in the tank so water might spill if not taken care;
  • Because of only 2 large wheels, the steamer is prone to tipping to the front.


While we speak of this incredible steamer, one would think that this steaming iron is too good to be true. However, it is true. And that is not all. One of the most exciting features of this Rowenta IS6200 is that you do not require an ironing board to iron your clothes. The hassle of straightening your clothes and ironing over the wrinkles to get a smooth shirt is over because RowentaIS600 is in the game which gives the user immense control over their ironing.

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