It is vital to have properly ironed clothes for every person no matter what kind of a professional or life they lead. It will not be a lie to say that improper attire can give the wrong impression of the person and drive other away due to it. Ironing is a difficult chore but getting a better and easier option is always appreciated by everyone. The Rowenta IS6300 master valet full size is an appliance which makes this chore way enjoyable than anyone might have imagined.


Rowenta Master Valet IS 6300 Steamer Review
  • Large water tank;
  • Press hanger;
  • 1550 watts of energy;
  • It comes with height-adjustable pole;
  • The hanger features built-in clips;
  • Foot operated on/off switch;
  • Removable tank.

Large Water Tank

To have a large water tank is an obvious benefit to any user. It allows the user to steam clothes without running out of water and worrying about refilling the unit’s tank again. Mostly all the garment steamers have a small or medium sized tank to make the unit easier to hold up to steam. the tank of the IS 6300 is so big that it can steam your clothes for an hour continuously in comparison to other steamers such as Rowenta DG5030.

Press Hanger

The most significant feature of this steamer’s hanger is that it comes with a pressing surface. The surface is hidden from sight since it tends to roll into the hanger. The user can pull it out whenever it is required to reveal the flat surface that helps prevent the steams from escaping when the clothes are hung on the hanger for optimal results.

1550 Watts of Power

1550 watts of power means that the steamer is highly capable of providing steam at a very high rate. This can make any type of wrinkles and folds to go away in seconds. The high voltage on the steamer allows to heat up and produce heat fast. IS6300 produces steams much faster than any less powerful, lower wattage iron or steamer can. Time saving can help people be on time without waiting for too long for the water to heat up and produce steam.

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Height adjustable pole

It is very handy to have a steamer in which you can adjust the height to suit your needs, for this sole purpose IS6300 is integrated with height adjustable pole. It has a telescopic design which allows the user to extend it according to his or hers needs. Steaming clothes can now be a more comfortable experience for people who are shorter or taller than average. The locking mechanism on the pole ensures that it remains at a certain height and length after it has been extended according to the user. Its easy to fold back while it also slides in smoothly.

Rowenta Master Valet IS 6300 Steamer Review

Hangers with built in clips

It is crucial to hang the clothes in a way that the steam gets to all sides of the clothing item. A hanger built in the steamer allows the cloth to be properly ironed without leaving any side or wrinkle. The hanger comes with an additional feature, it has built in clips that ensures the cloth is securely fitted so that it can be well steamed. Now the user can put aside all the worries when it comes to the clothes falling of the hanger.

Removable water tank

The most irritating con of an electric steamer is that it eventually runs out of water and they have to be filled up again. In steamers where the water tank doesn’t separate from the unit can be a long chore as one might have to take the whole unit to the faucet or the person might have to fill the tank cup by cup. Both of these options seem to be a lot of work for a person who wants to save their time and energy. This is the sole reason why a removable tank is very important. It can be filled up quickly without any hassles.


  • An oversized tank is very hard to find in electric steamers and it also helps the person to not worry about refilling the tank after a few uses;
  • The adjustable pole is a very clever feature integrated in the steamer, it allows the user to securely attach the clothes without any worries;
  • The steamer comes with many nitty gritty. This equipment can be fitted or ignored according to one’s uses and needs;
  • The hanger is made to be sturdy and to bear the weight of any kind of cloth.


  • The steamer comes with a premium price tag even though there are number of features to justify the price;
  • The clips on the hanger are a bit tough to open up because they are strong and they are also closer to the roller;
  • People who are using hand operated steamer might feel a big change when they operate it with a foot-operated system.


Rowenta IS6200 turned out to be a success for the company now Rowenta IS6300 is bound to set its name for itself. Rowenta IS6300 is a more advanced and improved version showing that Rowenta worked hard to counter all the issues and the features the previous one was lacking. This is the sole reason why IS6300 is set to compete with leading names of the steaming machines.

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