Shark is one of the manufacturers of home appliances that were developed by SharkNinja. SharkNinja had a hand in being one of the first and innovative companies that provided solutions for cleaning and small household appliances. Their goal has been to provide the consumers with cutting-edge technology implemented in their products but also making it more available, efficient and safe to use. One of these innovations had been their chemical-free steam mops, and they continue to improve when it comes to steam irons.

Now, talking about Shark, they have had a line of excellent performing steam irons that have a reasonable price tag. The Shark product lines have built such a reputation because of the time they have invested in their business and the feedback or praise that the people have given them. Though their steam irons gained popularity due to their price tag, people soon found out about some models that had to outperform features that made them worth the price. Some of these steam irons are discussed below.

Shark GI305 Lightweight Professional Steam Iron

shark irons review

The Shark GI305 is a preferable selection if you are one who is on a budget but wants all the excellent features of a masterwork appliance. It is also a great option to go for when you are all about maneuverability and a compact weight. The steam iron uses 500 watts of power, has an 8.5-inch soleplate made out of stainless steel and designed using Smooth Glide technology, this allows for the iron to have good glide over any fabric you choose to iron. The iron also boasts a variety of steam features like having vertical steam, a steam burst to target specific areas of creases and a spray mist that covers a large area of your clothes. The iron has a size of 10 x 4 x 5 inches and weighs slightly less than your usual steam iron. There are some safety features for the user like the auto-shutoff when it is not in use or left face down, likewise for the iron like the anti-drip feature. The iron also heats up very quickly, in about a minute it can reach its highest settings whereas it takes 30 seconds for a normal steam iron to get medium heat levels. The soleplate tip is narrow and is ideal for ironing narrow areas, like under buttons, for the clothes.

Shark GI405 Professional Steam Power Iron

shark irons review

The Shark GI405 Professional Steam power iron is the bestselling product by the manufacturer, boasting incredibly performance and a price tag that is within the reach of many. The steam iron has a high-quality stainless steel soleplate which measures about 9.5 inches. The soleplate has a tapered tip that allows the iron and steam to reach tight areas, like corners, under collars and buttons. The iron has chrome skirt and accents, plus, it also provides a smooth and stable glide. The 1600 watt steam produced by the GI405 is so powerful that it removes even the toughest of wrinkles and creases from your fabric. There are safety features like anti-drip, self-clean which allows for the cleansing of the steam iron’s innards and a multi-position auto-shutoff. The iron also heats up rapidly and has a temperature dial with LED lights that allows for the heat levels to be adjusted. The buttons are a soft touch, has features that provide ease like large water doors for the tank to make the filling from the faucet easier and an advanced stability heel so that the iron has a proper balance at all times.

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Shark GI505 Ultimate Professional Iron

shark irons review

Though the GI405 has earned the title of being the best and famous Shark steam iron, it is the GI505 that holds the title of being Amazon’s “Best Choice” product. Though the price is a bit higher than the GI405, the level of performance is that what you would expect from a professional level steam iron, such incredible power, and features is now available as a product for home use. It has a 9.5-inch soleplate made out of stainless steel and using Smooth Glide technology that makes the glide of the iron easier or, in other words, makes the iron lighter on the hands and easy to move around. The iron is the same size as the GI405 but utilizes 1800 watt, 200 watts more than the previous model but with the ease, it gives in ironing the most stubborn of fabrics, the trade is definitely worthwhile or even in your favor. The iron has anti-calc and anti-drip properties, plus, it has been found to last a very long time even if left unattended. The water tank is about 300ml which is massive and saves you the trip of refilling the tank again and again. Lastly, it has some safety features like, multi-position auto-shutoff that prevents potential accidents or injuries.

Shark GI435 Lightweight Professional Steam Iron

shark irons review

When it comes to steam power and performance, few can rival the Shark GI435 model. The feature that stands out in this iron is the innovative X-Tended Steam Burst that allows better targeting and removal of creases on your fabric. The X-tended Steam makes use of the dual chamber to produce a powerful jolt of steam from both the horizontal and vertical position; in the form of a cross or “X” hence giving it the name X-tended. The GI435’s steam is also more powerful than an average steam iron and utilizes the usual 1600 watt power supply present in most steam irons. The Iron has features to adjust its ironing capabilities, the Intelligent Electronic Controls feature helps in adjusting values like optimal heat and appropriate steam requirements for the fabric. The intelligent system also helps in ensuring the longevity of the steam iron’s life and the protection of its internal system. Safety features for the user are also present like the multi-position auto shut off that prevents wastage of power and provides safety against hazards like house fires. To further strengthen the internals of the steam irons, it has anti-drip properties and an extra-large stainless steel soleplate.

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