Though the GI405 has earned the title of being the best and famous Shark steam iron, it is the GI505 that holds the title of being Amazon’s “Best Choice” product. Though the price is a bit higher than the GI405, the level of performance is that what you would expect from a professional level steam iron, such incredible power, and features is now available as a product for home use.

This iron has 1800 watts of power that gives it the ability to eliminate wrinkles from any kind of fabric whether via vertical steaming or ironing. It comes with 176 steam holes and adjustable steam gauge which gives it full control over the quantity of steam it releases.

But let’s check everything in order.

Shark GI505 Steam Iron


  • 1800 Watts of power;
  • One-Touch fabric selector;
  • Anti-calcification;
  • Anti-drip system;
  • Premium stainless steel soleplate;
  • Auto power-off feature;
  • Dimensions 12.3″ (H) x 4.9″ (W) x 6.1″ (D);
  • Thermostat with LED indicator lights;
  • Self-clean feature;
  • Vertical steam;
  • Tapered button tip;
  • Large water tank and Spray mist;
  • Weighs about 4.2 pounds.


However, if you are performing a vertical steaming, you will have to wait for about seven seconds between each series of steam bursts. This high wattage gives makes it capable of heating up very quickly and faster than models with lesser wattage. It is also capable of maintaining the temperature set during ironing. This high level of heat generated makes it easier to remove creases and ironing takes a shorter time. It also allows the iron to generate and maintain a great amount of steam while ironing.

It has a stainless steel soleplate (that is about 9.5 inches in length) which is open and tapered at the end, which makes it perfect for ironing around buttons, collars and other difficult parts of the fabric. Its sole plate is larger than that of the previous model, the Shark 1600 watts professional iron which has a 9 inches sole plate. As a result of the large sole plate, the iron is able to cover a large surface which makes it require lesser strokes for ironing. It is also able to heat up to its lowest setting in about 32 seconds and its highest setting is about 150 degrees.

As a result of its heavy weight (it weighs about 4.2 pounds); it is easier for removing stubborn creases and for ironing heavier fabrics. The weight also makes the iron require less effort in straightening. Since it is made of stainless steel, the sole plate has easy glide that results in smooth ironing.

Shark GI505 Steam Iron

It features an Anti-calcification and anti-scale systems which help the iron to reduce and remove mineral deposits. These systems also keep your iron in great working conditions for a long period of time, and it also keeps debris from escaping onto your fabric. It also comes with a sole plate which has an anti-drip system which prevents residual water and condensation from being leaked through the steam holes.

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The iron comes with a simple touch button for temperature regulation and it also features LED lights that can be used in an environment with less lighting. The LED lighting also ensures accuracy when choosing the temperature for the fabric being ironed. It has a tapered tip for easy maneuverability and reach in the button areas and other spots that can be difficult to reach with a broad iron.

It comes with a One-Touch electronic fabric selector which enables you to choose a fabric from many settings by pressing a single button. Once you choose the fabric setting, the iron will automatically adjust its temperature and steam to match the requirement of your chosen fabric. This will eliminate the need for guessing in ironing and improve efficiency. It also helps to prevent damage to fabrics as a result of too much heat.

It features an Anti-calc system which prevents calcium and other mineral deposits from accumulating in the iron. It has a self-clean system that enables it to flash out accumulated dirt with the touch or a single button. It also has an Auto-power off system that automatically cuts power when the iron is left idly in severs positions. It also features an anti-drip system that reduces the risk of dripping and spillage.


Shark GI505 Steam Iron
  • It comes with high wattage power which results in faster heating and ironing, and more efficient crease removal;
  • It comes with a large and heavy sole plate that provides a large surface area to diminish ironing time and requires lesser effort to straighten creases;
  • It comes with anti-calcification and a self-clean feature that makes it low maintenance and increase its life span;
  • It has a large water tank of about 300ml which is considered big for steam irons;
  • It also comes with a tapered tip that allows easy penetration to button areas and other tight spots;
  • It comes with a One-Touch fabric selector;
  • It also has Auto power off feature for safety;
  • It features LED light at the temperature control to provide easy precision.


  • It is a heavy iron and is not ideal for people that have problems with their limbs;
  • The heating performance is good but it may be sometimes erratic;
  • One of the most common complains by customers is the malfunction of the Steam button.


Shark GI505 Steam Iron is an ultimate professional iron that has a superior steam output as a result of higher wattage as compared to the other models in the series. However, it is also a little bit more expensive than the other models.