From the last 160 years, SINGER is serving us with different variants of irons. They are proud to provide high-quality irons for garment care and construction. Now, this heritage of SINGER is continuing due to SINGER Expert Finish Steam Iron. In comparison to other SINGER models such as Shark Gl505, this iron has a more comfortable size. This is a digital model that comes with an amazing LCD and easy-to-use buttons. One can feel free to buy this variant because of the warranty for 2-years.

The features of this SINGER Expert finish are many. Let’s have a look at them.


SINGER Expert Finish Steam Iron Review
  • Power of 1700 watts;
  • Adjust settings with LCD;
  • A burst of continuous steam;
  • Different steam temperatures;
  • Open tip stainless steel soleplate;
  • Auto cleaning + anti-calc;
  • Anti-drip technology;
  • Auto-shutoff power function;
  • Pivoting Cord.

Power of 1700 watts

High power boast of iron allows it to heat up quickly. With the power of 1700 watts, this Singer expert iron can heat up only in 326 seconds. In comparison with the Rowenta DW2070 model, this singer iron can press cloths faster. The Shark Gl505 has the power of 1800 watts, but 1700 is much more effective and decent.

Adjust Settings with LCD

The digital display feature of this iron not only enhances its looks but also help the user in using different temperature settings for different fabric. It’s manual dial present precise temperature and prevents the user from confusion. Advance technology has used in the manufacturing of this model. This iron alerts the user with a sound alert after adjusting the iron at the right temperature.

A Burst of Continuous Steam

This SINGER Expert Finish Steam model comes with 23 steam vents that help the iron to produce an acceptable amount of heat. This Expert iron also possesses a continuous burst of the steam button that helps to reduce an immense surge of steam. This will help to remove tough wrinkles from any clothes. Now you don’t have to place any extra clothing item on the ironing board before vertical ironing. Due to its small weight, one can straighten the clothes while they are hanged.

Different Steam Temperatures

This model can provide steam according to one’s requirement. Not every fabric require heat same for straightening. Due to advance technology, this singer iron can adjust the temperature from cold to hot. Heavy fabrics have stubborn wrinkles; this SINGER model provides hot steam according to the need.

SINGER Expert Finish Steam Iron Review

Open tip Stainless Steel Soleplate

The stainless steel soleplate of this SINGER variant is 8.75 inches in size. As compared to the soleplate of Eureka blaze and prestigious, the soleplate of this iron is more trustworthy. Due to open tip, this iron easily glides on the fabric. One can easily clean it due to less maintenance. Open tip of this soleplate is specifically designed for ironing the area of buttons and pleats.

Auto Cleaning + Anti-Calc Feature

Due to the use of hard water, crystals of calcium, carbonate, and magnesium can deposit in the iron. The Anti-calc feature prevents their building in iron. More building of these crystals may decrease the consumption of heat.

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Always use tap water because hard water can also reduce lifespan that is not good.  Sometimes sediments and dirt enter into the water tank and reduce the efficiency of iron. In this model, you can get rid of all impurities only with touching a button. This feature keeps all stream holes free from dirt and maximizes the lifespan of an iron.

Anti-Drip Technology

In many models dripping of water usually occurs during ironing. It is difficult to choose an iron with no dripping issues at all. For combating many dripping issues, this SINGER iron has an advanced anti-drip system.

Auto-Shutoff Power Function

Not only ROWENTA 5W197 but also many other domestic irons lack an auto-shutoff feature. This model has an improved auto-power off system that shut the iron after a period of inactivity. This Singer Expert Finish iron will shut down after 8 minutes if you left it in a vertical position.    

SINGER Expert Finish Steam Iron Review

Pivoting Cord

The pivoting cord of this model is 360 degrees and allows the iron different multi-directional movements. With the help of its pivot, you can use this iron at any angle.

Don’t jump on any conclusion by only seeing the features of any model. Read in-depth; discover the pros and cons of the item in which you are interested. This will help you to choose a better product.


  • With 1700 watts of power, this iron reduces ironing time
  • Give better results in less time with the help of the burst of steam
  • This iron has a vertical steaming feature
  • This iron can excellently reach to the area under buttons and pleats
  • Spillage and dripping of water is lesser than other iron models
  • Digital LCD helps you to adjust the temperature setting according to the fabric.


  • Steam vents are few and cannot bet steam productivity of other famous models
  • Many customers face the issue of leakage
  • Some buyers complain that this iron automatically goes off during ironing


As per reviews, this SINGER Expert Finish Steam iron is an effective model that can also be suitable for different types of fabric. This is an amazing digital iron that anyone can afford it easily.

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