There is an abundance of steam irons in the market, and picking the right one might get confusing. Hence, it is important to free yourself of any doubts or second thoughts before making a purchase. The article discusses the features of Singer ESP2 Magic Steam Press Iron in detail for your convenience.

Singer is a prominent brand in the world it is famous for its sewing machines and excellent quality products that last over long periods. So one can automatically assume that its steam iron will be just as good. If you are looking to buy a steam iron that is effective, efficient and comes at a reasonable and decent price, have a look at what the Singer ESP2 iron carries so you can decide if it will be the right choice for you.


The Singer ESP2 Magic Steam Iron comes with the following features or benefits:

  • It shuts down automatically;
  • It has an aluminum base;
  • It comes with accessories;
  • You can do commercial grade ironing with Singer ESP2 right at your home;
  • You can steam press your clothes;
  • Pressing surface of the iron is quite large;
  • You can set the temperature according to the fabric;
  • It comes with a steam press alarm;
  • The iron is compact designed;
  • Your clothes get a strong steam burst.

Automatic Shutdown

If the steamer’s lid is closed for a long time, the steam iron will shut down automatically. This in turn will protect the cloth in the steamer from getting burned. So even if you accidentally leave your garment in the steamer for too long you will not have to worry about it get damaged from the heat because of this automatic shutdown feature.

Aluminum Base

It is crucial for your steam iron to be durable, and the base matters a lot especially when it comes to steam irons. The base of the Singer ESP2 Magic Steam Iron is a diecast aluminum base, which means that the steam iron is quite durable and will give excellent results.

Steam Press Alarm

The steam press alarm will be activated if you leave your cloth in the steamer for too long. The alarm makes the sound after every 10 seconds that will be hard to ignore. Due to this added security feature, your clothes will be safe and protected from unwanted damage.

Temperature Setting

Different types of clothes require different temperature settings, so they do not get damaged or burned. Singer ESP2 Magic Steam Iron allows you to set the temperature of the iron according to your fabric type. From the toughest to the lightest fabric, Singer ESP2 iron gives maximum results and works efficiently on all kinds of fabrics.

Pressing Surface

The pressing surface of the steam iron is quite large which lets you iron large surfaces at once. If you are in a rush, you will not have to worry about giving too much time to ironing, even the larger clothes. The iron works fast and leaves your clothes crease free and shiny in a short amount of time.

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Built Quality

The iron has a compact design. Because of its small size, it will not take up much space or area. It is easy to store and move around because of its shape and weight.

Steam Burst Mode

The Singer ESP2 Magic Steam Iron offers a steam burst mode, which gives you concentrated steam easily. An added feature of the iron is the self-cleaning mode, which gets rids of pollutants immediately so your iron remains clean without you putting too much effort.

Unique Design and Commercial Grade Ironing

The Singer ESP2 Magic Steam Press Iron has a very different and unique design as compared to other steam irons, which allows you to steam press your clothes easily and in a convenient manner. With Singer Steam Iron, you will not have to look elsewhere and you can get your clothes steamed in a commercial manner at home.


Singer products are popular for their pros; here is a list of all the pros that you get to enjoy with the Singer steam iron:

  • It’s diecast aluminum base adds to the durability of the iron;
  • It gives the user commercial level ironing or steaming;
  • The auto shutdown feature prevents any damage to the fabric or accidents;
  • The steam alarm alerts you if you keep the fabric in the steamer for too long;
  • The burst steam mode provides great steam;
  • The self-cleaning mode ensures that cleaning the iron is quick and easy without much effort;
  • The size and built lets you carry the iron around easily, it does not take much space either;
  • You can select the temperature according to the type of the fabric;
  • The design is unique and attractive;
  • The steaming area is quite large and saves time when it comes to ironing;
  • It comes at a reasonable price, provided the excellent features.


There are not many cons of the steam iron, and so far, no negative reviews have been reported. However, the company has limited service and you might face some slight inconvenience. However, this is not always the case with Singer. In addition, the steam of the iron needs to be improved a little.


Up until now there have not been negative reviews about the Singer ESP2 Magic Steam Iron and provided its features, it is one of the best steam irons that are available in the market. Compared to other alternatives this is a great option. The steam iron not only gives you great results that is it leaves your clothes wrinkle free and shiny very quickly, but it also comes at a reasonable price as well. After you purchase the steam iron you will not have to buy another one anytime soon because of the Singer ESP2 Steam Iron’s great durability. The iron overall is undoubtedly an excellent choice for all your ironing needs.

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