Fabric steamers have quickly started to gain popularity. They are great alternatives to irons; they are more effective and work faster as compared to them. Steaming clothes quickly gets rids of wrinkles on both heavy and light clothes. While ironing can be harsh on delicate clothes, fabric steamers are gentle on them.

If you are looking for a reliable and high quality steamer then you should definitely opt for Steamfast Fabric Steamer SF 407. Here is an honest review about the product, so you can make your decision without being confused.

This fabric steamer will get rid of wrinkles quickly from all types of fabrics without damaging them. It leaves the clothes shiny and smooth after the steaming. The steamer is quite easy to use and you will get the hang of it in no time.


  • 40-ounce detachable water tank;
  • Attachable fabric brush;
  • 45 seconds to pre-heat;
  • Four casters for mobility;
  • Hanger hook for clothes;
  • Press pad that works as a mini-ironing board;
  • Adjustable and removable telescopic pole;
  • Weighs about 8.2 pounds.

40-Ounce Detachable Water Tank

Steamfast Fabric Steamer SF 407

The steamer comes with a 40-ounce detachable water tank, and has more capacity than most steamers.  Due to its large size, you will not have to refill it frequently. Feel free to wash large sheets and curtains without worrying about constant refilling. It is advised to use distilled water for the better steaming. If there is any water left in the tank after steaming is done, make sure to drain it before storing your steamer.

Attachable Fabric Brush

This is a great tool that comes with the Steamfast Fabric Steamer SF 407. Dirt, loose hair and lint can be annoying on fabrics; this fabric brush works well in removing them from your clothes.

45 Seconds to Pre-Heat

Another great thing about this steamer is that it just takes up to 45 seconds to pre-heat, which is less than most of the steamers available in the market. It takes 1500 watts to rapidly produce steam for leaving your clothes shiny and wrinkle free afterwards.  

Four Casters for Mobility

The four casters that come with the Steamfast Fabric Steamer SF 407 allows you to move the steamer around anywhere easily. Take the machine anywhere you are most comfortable to steam without putting in much effort.

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Hanger Hook for Clothes

If you are worried about how too steam your clothes, than the steamer’s hanger hook is here to put you at ease. Hang your clothes on the hanger hook and easily steam your clothes. The hanger hook is durable, and will not rust.  

Steam Flow

The steam from the steamer smooths out any wrinkles on the toughest of fabrics quite nicely and faster than most irons. As mentioned earlier, the steam will go easy on the most delicate of clothes and will not damage them.

Adjustable and Removable Telescopic Pole

The telescopic pole that comes with Steamfast Fabric Steamer SF 407 is designed to provide maximum convenience to its user. It can be adjusted to any height, making it easy to steam the longest of clothes like curtains, long dresses and sheets without any nuisance.


The steamer is more lightweight as compared to most steamers, weighing about 8.2 pounds and being smaller than the other steamers. It is easy to move around, and will not occupy much space.

Pros and Cons of Steamfast Fabric Steamer SF 407

Like every product, the Steamfast Fabric Steamer SF 407 has its benefits while having some cons. Gathered below are the pros and cons that come with the steamer.

Steamfast Fabric Steamer SF 407


  • The steamer comes with a 1-year warranty. Feel free to share any concerns with the excellent customer service that is always ready to help;
  • It does not cost much and comes at a reasonable price;
  • It is easily available online on Amazon, and can delivered right at your doorstep;
  • You can adjust the steamer to different heights, because of the adjustable telescope;
  • It is lightweight and has easy portability;
  • The water tank is large enough, so there is no need to be worried about refills. It is also easy to detach and put back on.
  • It does not damage the fabrics;
  • It rapidly get rids of wrinkles;
  • It heats up quite fast.


  • The hanger can take only a few clothes on it, it might wobble if you put heavy or many clothes on it;
  • You might find it a bit difficult to fill the reservoir;
  • The extendable pole needs to be a bit longer so the user does not bend down much;
  • The hose gets quite hot while steaming.


According to reviews, the Steamfast Fabric Steamer SF 407 has not disappointed its users. The reviews about the steamer are quite positive and the users say that product delivers exactly what the manufactures claim to provide with this model. With all the benefits that come with this steamer, the cons that are mentioned above can be overlooked. The feasibility and effectiveness that come with this steamer at a reasonable and low cost, makes it a great choice for your steaming your clothes as compared to other alternatives. Feel free to do more research before getting your hands on it but according to many positive reviews, it shows that you will not be disappointed.

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