Easy to use, great technology easily carried. All advancement and accessories included yet light on the pocket.

An average looking dress becomes fine when it’s properly ironed. Properly ironed clothes are not only appealing to one’s eye, but they add on to the clothes’ life. When one wears clothes that have fine crease results in adding an edge to one’s personality. When a person feels good, they eventually look good, which boosts their confidence.

The old conventional way of ironing was to put clothes under a heavy heated object (Eg; a boiling water pot) which was time-consuming and required heating back and forth. With the passage of time, the ironing was done by putting a hot burning coal in a metal container which worked as an iron. This resulted well but required many safety measures as it promoted injuries. After these methods, the ironing method which is used till date is through the conventional electric press. A flat based metal plate that irons clothes fine, but is either heavy in lifting, or time-consuming.

All these worries and discomforts have been addressed by the new Steamfast SF-435 Compact Fabric Steamer. The steam from this streamer results in smooth, fine, and unwrinkled fabrics. It is a high tech steamer. There are many benefits of using a steamer rather than iron. The clearest thing is that you will not have to use the best ironing board to achieve the best possible results. Only this device alone is enough to erase all the wrinkles and actually make your clothes look better and smarter. This Steamfast steamer has a variety of features that make it a great option.


Steamfast SF-435 Compact Fabric Steamer
  • Variety of colors;
  • Easy to carry;
  • All accessories included;
  • Handy water filler;
  • Saves electricity;
  • Distant switches;
  • Outstanding result.

Variety Of Colors

Conventional iron or press mostly comes in white and black. To give an edge in colors the Steamfast SF-435 comes in Pink, Orange, and White. The vibrant colors will add brightness to the environment and will also result in visual pleasure. Having different colors also give the customers an option during purchase, unlike the regular irons that are limited in option.

Easy to Carry

One of the main problems is that mostly the appliances are heavy that hinders in its usage and difficult to carry. It becomes the most difficult task especially while traveling. The limited capacity in the luggage and the heavyweight of such appliances becomes a real question to worry, but not anymore. Because Steamfast SF-435 is extremely lightweight and very handy, not only in traveling but using it in the home or elsewhere has become effortless with this technology

All Accessories Included

With the advancement in technology, the new Steamfast SF-435 steamer has proved itself again in its motto of comfortable usage. It wants its users to be at ease, be comfortable and get the finest outcomes. This steamer not only provides with the high tech steam system but also Fabric brush, lint remover, rubber accessory housing is also included. Fabric Brush removes the old look on the fabric and to brush off the dirt. The lint, on the other hand, is the most common problem for people. Since lint gives an old look to the fabric and not pleasant to wear or to use. The accessories also include the lint remover which means that now the fabric will look priceless and can be used for long.

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Handy Water Filler

Unlike other regular irons, the Steamfast SF-435 steamer has a separate water container which is very easy to fill and easy to use. Since it is a handheld fabric steamer, the tank with the steam nozzle is currently placed. The tank can be opened and directly filled with water. This contrasts with the arrangement in the larger model of Steamfast, the Steamfast Fabric Steamer SF 407, where the tank is placed at the base of the container, separated from the tube that can be removed.

Saves Electricity

Steamfast SF-435 Compact Fabric Steamer

The Steamfast SF-435 steamer not only considers the convenient usage but is also easy on the pocket. The conventional irons are not easy on pockets. They take in the maximum amount of electricity which results in high billing and not pocket-friendly. The Steamfast SF-435 steamer takes up to only 800 watt of energy which comparatively is extremely less from the usual appliances.

Distant Switches? No Worries

The cord of appliance and the availability of the switches also becomes the problem when switches are at a distance and the appliance cord is small. The Steamfast SF-435 has a power cord of 9 feet long, which can cover some major distance.

Outstanding Results

The current standard iron is not versatile. It can only press out clothes wrinkles. By contrast, a steamer can also be used with other fabric types. This unit can smooth out wrinkles from your upholstery, such as bed sheets, bed coverings, and hanging curtains.


  • Heats up quickly, essentially making steaming sessions faster;
  • Long power cord makes it much easier to move around;
  • The Portable unit and optimal for traveling;
  • Easily available in trendy shades at an affordable price;
  • Durable as it can be used on upholstery, curtains, and clothes.


  • As a handheld model, its water tank capacity is limited to 7 ounces, which is sufficient for only 12 minutes of continuous steam.


The compact and travel fabric steamer SF-435 from Steamfast is an all-around, portable and efficient steamer for those in the market. It’s the best handheld steamer you can buy and is an even way better when you use it with the best press refills from Marry Ellen.

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