It is vital to take care of yourself and properly ironed clothes play a very important role in looking smart. Ironed clothes look more polished than clothes that are not ironed. One of the best irons that can make your work easier is the Steam Fast SF- 680. The effortless activity that it offers is unparallel to all the products out there. To help you understand better about this iron, here is a review that will run you through all the contexts of why this iron is perfect for use.


  • The pressing area of the iron is large;
  • It has a digital control panel;
  • The pressing plate is non-stick;
  • Automatic shut-off;
  • Steam bust mode.

Large Pressing Area

With the traditional iron we usually get a limited small surface that has to be moved over the surface of the clothing item. This creates many hassles and ironing seem to be a very hard chore to do on the daily. With this iron you get a bigger surface area which makes the process of ironing less time consuming. With this model, the user gets a larger area to iron your clothes. The end results of ironing with this iron are flawless and due to its larger surface area, the user can iron the bed sheets and upholstery.

Digital Control Panel

Steamfast SF-680 Steam Iron

It can be very hard for the user to understand the right temperature for the clothes he or she is ironing. Most irons like the Rowenta IS6200 or the Laurastar Lift+ have the analog controls which can be very hard for the user to see while working and to select the settings on precisely. With this iron it isn’t an issue to look at the controls and work with this iron. The digital controls tend to be more helpful and safer since the user know on which mode the iron is working on.

Non-Sticking Pressing Plate

Having a large surface for ironing clothes wouldn’t be very appreciable if it were still a hassle to use the iron. It is very normal that the clothes stick to the steel plate of the iron. This even happens if the steel plate is polished and smooth. In SF-680 the plate is coated with Teflon. Teflon is the most slippery substance tat can be found and it proves that nothing will stick on the plate while you are ironing your clothes.

Automatic Shut Off

It can be very hazardous to leave the iron unattended. It is dangerous not just for the user but also for the people around them. Some one might touch the iron accidently and burn themselves or you might burn your clothes if the iron if left on it for too long. It is extremely possible that the user might leave the iron on and unattended for this sole purpose this iron has an automatic shut off system which shuts off the iron when it left unattended for a specific period of time. Even when the iron is not being used and left unattended this option will help you to save electricity.

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Steam Burst Mode

Steamfast SF-680 Steam Iron

Steam burst is a very well-known feature of irons like the Steamfast SF-407. This iron make sit effortless to iron clothes made from natural fibers like cotton. If the clothes are slightly damped the iron will do a much better job than if the clothes are completely dried. The addition of this feature in the Steamfast SF 680 is a great and clever addition to make the iron, the best option for people to buy.

Pros and Cons

It is very normal to have cons as well as pros for a product, while Steamfast SF 680 is a very good iron and can be used without any hassles and makes the work easier for the user even if they are in a hurry or are running late. The iron is packed with positive features which are cleverly designed to satisfy the user to get the most benefit out of an iron while also having the best experience while using it.


  • It is extremely easy to use;
  • It removes the wrinkles off the clothes in a matter of second and effortlessly;
  • Simple but highly impressive digital controls;
  • Comes wit a very reasonable price for what the user is getting as the iron is very innovative and is also packed with amazing features;
  • The pressing plates of the iron gets very hot which indicates that the appliance irons really well and saves time too;
  • Makes the ironing experience joyful while also saving an ample amount of time.
Steamfast SF-680 Steam Iron


  • The pressing area on the area is very small for user who are using it in a commercial space;
  • It takes longer than an average iron to heat up and start working;
  • The price seems to be very high for people who are looking for an iron which is amazing but have a tight budget;
  • Slow steam bust which might be the biggest drawback of the iron overall.


The Steamfast SF-680 is a great appliance which changes how we iron the clothes. It turns a very boring chore into a more pleasurable experience for the user. The iron is extremely easy to use which means the person won’t spend a significant amount of time on ironing their clothes when doing it for the first time. Since it is already established that ironing your clothes is really important and one who works have to be very careful while ironing their clothes and this iron seems to be the best purchase who are always in a hurry and wouldn’t waste their precious time on ironing the clothes. The effortless activity while using this is the reason why it is preferred by many people and it also happens to be a hit product for the company.

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