Garment steamers aid you in having your clothes ironed quickly, without even the need to have them removed out from your hanger. Here we are enlightening what you must look for in a steam iron, spending your money for the better.

There is a diversity of options you can from. This can even make you go confused, but today we are here for helping you out. The Steamfast SF-717 Mini Travel steam iron is better than all the others we contemplated into. Let’s find out why this one and no other is destined to be the fundamental choice for you.

These steam fast irons are superior for its extensive design; this is what you will notice at first. The creativity and the anomaly of its beautiful design tend to appeal everyone’s attraction towards itself. The elegance of the design is another great element. Moreover, there are few features that make it a notch better than the rest.


Steamfast SF-717 Mini Travel Steam Iron Review
  • Dual based Voltage setting;
  • Nonstick soleplate;
  • The provision of travel bag;
  • Anti-slip handle;
  • The iron is heated rapidly;
  • A power of 420 Watts;
  • Cord length 7.5 feet;
  • Three different kinds of temperature settings.

Dual Based Voltage Setting

This garment steamer can function for around 100 V and 240 V likewise. This makes it a real fact that this appliance can transfer with you, no matter where you happen to go. This feature helps you to prevent the purchase of different adapters for putting it into action.

Nonstick Soleplate

The soleplate of this iron is nonstick. Whatever the material of your cloth be, your iron will not stick with that and your experience of ironing is definitely going to be very smooth. This amazing best travel iron is staunchly designed to make your ironing tasks quick and easy.

The Provision of Travel Bag

This amazing steam iron was purposefully built for the traveling reason. This is how you will have a travel bag along with it, which will make the carrying of this appliance quite easy for you, and refrain you from making separate arrangements for this matter.

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Steamfast SF-717 Mini Travel Steam Iron Review

Anti-slip Handle

The steamer has a handle designed in extensive ways that make you have a flawless grip over that. In this way, your iron will not get slipped out of your clutching hands. This feature is very helpful when you are specifically using it as a definite garment steamer. Through this feature, your fairs of having the iron fall down are flown away.

The Iron is Heated Rapidly

Once the iron is switched on, the water within it can be heated up in a mere 15 seconds. This is how you will have the steam made at a faster pace. Just with a single touch, the amount of steam generation is fully in your control. In this manner, it becomes quite easy for you to use the mini travel iron on shorter durations of time.

Power of 420 Watts

As the power range of this appliance is 420 Watts, you will get a necessary amount of steam and heat generation out of it. With this factor, you can easily and immaculately get rid of all the nasty wrinkles and creases existing on your garment. The steam iron makes a variety of different fabric ironed and flawless with its use.

Cord Length 7.5 Feet

This steamer contains a cord that comes in length of 7.5 feet. In this way, you can easily cover a large area of cloth and get it steamed. You are not required to stay close to the socket every time you attempt the ironing task and can carry out this being anywhere.

Three Different Kinds of Temperature Settings

Steamfast SF-717 Mini Travel Steam Iron Review

Using this iron, you can go for the temperature based on the different kinds of fabric you tend to iron. With the temperature dial, you select the exact setting for the temperature. In this way, every different kind of fabric is made easy to have it ironed. No matter if you are attempting to use the steam iron for the very first time, you can carry out the ironing tasks with this steamer at a suitable temperature.


  • It is designed with a power range of 420 Watts;
  • It comes with a cord of length 7.5 foot making you able to iron your garments from anywhere while traveling;
  • It comes with a nonstick soleplate which prevents it to get stuck with the garment;
  • It can function as an immaculate garment steamer;
  • With steadfast SF-717 Mini Travel Steam iron, you get the water steamed in less than 15 minutes;
  • The handle designed in an anti-slip manner makes it less likely for the iron to fall and the ironing task is done with little effort and no fears;
  • It has temperature settings of three different styles;
  • You will get a travel bag with this steam iron, which makes traveling with it quite an easy thing.


  • When you hold it horizontally, only then it will release heat.


Just the right thing for me to carry along; I just had the best results in removing creases off my clothes. A definite recommendation to all.

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