The Sunbeam Models of Iron is rated one of the best in the world due to its budget consideration. This made in china brand of irons are not just the best due to its cheap price but also doubles as one of the best when it comes to quality assurance and durability any iron brand would offer.

The Steam Master GCSBSP-201 model which costs less than $50 on Amazon can be easily compared to much pricier Sunbeam Aero Ceramic iron in terms of functions, though the latter claims superiority when it comes to steam coverage and design, this aesthetic Steam Master GCSBSP-201 combines a slight green, grey and chrome finish to produce a stunning outlook.

The simplicity of this model see it lacks extravagant features compare to the Black and Decker D2030 and D3030 that offers sensors, LCD displays and LED lights which could be attributed to it costs was less than $50 on Amazon. However, it is equipped with a retractable cord for convenient and safe operation.

The Sunbeam Steam Master Iron is designed to deliver powerful shots of steam which cannot be compared to the Roweta DW5080 with 400 steam holes, but have enough power to remove wrinkles in any fabric, thereby producing professional ironing results for people who want high-performance ironing equipment which would last for many years.


  • 1400 Watts of power;
  • Shot of steam and vertical steaming;
  • Anti-calc system;
  • Variable steam;
  • Self-clean system;
  • Stainless steel soleplate;
  • Macro holes on the sole plate;
  • Dual spray mist;
  • Auto-power off;
  • Anti-drip system.

1400 Watts of power

sunbeam gcsbsp 201 ffp

The Sunbeam Steam Master Iron comes with 1400 Watts power; though not as high as Shark GI405 which features 1800 Watts of power while maintaining the same price range. It offers a decent amount of power of blast which heats up much quickly and stays hot during the entire ironing session. This model is good for professional use.

Shot of steam and vertical steaming

This feature allows for immediate wrinkles removal by producing a targeted shot of steam at the touch of a button, which allows the user to target a tough crease that can be eradicated instantly through a powerful burst of steam.

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The vertical steaming feature, though not exclusive to this model, allows straightening of clothes or any fabric that is hanging up via an extra steam burst. Its shot of steam also works vertically, thereby, this gives you the option of not setting up the ironing board every time hanged wears are rumpled.

Anti-calc system

This feature prevents the formation of calcium and magnesium inside the water tank of this iron. Calcification is common in steam irons due to use of tap water. This iron prevents scale from forming and thus allows one to comfortably use tap water for the tank.

Variable Steam

The Steam Master GCSBSP-201 model is designed with a lever that lets you control the output of steam depending on the fabric type you are working on. It has a Dry/Steam selector, enabling you to iron without the aid of the steamer.

Self-clean system

sunbeam gcsbsp 201 ffp

The Sunbeam steam master iron regularly removes any deposits or impurities that accumulated and may block the steam vents or cause damage to the iron. This integrated self-clean system helps the iron to maintain its efficiency and increases its lifespan.

Stainless steel soleplate

The Sunbeam steam master Iron has a smooth gliding stainless steel soleplate. This large stainless steel soleplate offers a large surface area, and fewer strokes are required during ironing thus saving time and power. The sole plate is also durable and easy to clean.

Macro holes on the sole plate

There are 15 steam holes on the soleplate, these holes are far less when compared to the premium Rowenta DW5080 with its 400 micro steam holes, the macro-sized holes allow efficient and even distribution of steam during ironing. Many Amazon buyers have commended it on its generous output of steam which makes ironing an easy task.

Dual spray mist

This feature allows production of double amounts of mist which can be used to dampen delicate fabric before or during ironing making it easier why preventing burning and destruction.

Auto-power off

The Auto off is a safety measure used to prevent accident, though a common feature among iron brands. The Sunbeam steam master Iron turns itself off after 15 minutes when left idle vertically. When left on its base or tipped over, it automatically shuts off in 30 seconds. This safety precaution gives assurance to those who are easily distracted when ironing or those who often forget to turn off when they are done.

Though stored heat could still scorch your garment if you leave it face down, this feature helps to prevent accidents like electric shocks or even fires.

Anti-drip system

This model has a good Anti-drip system which prevents leaking and seeping of water when the iron is turned on low temperature.


sunbeam gcsbsp 201 ffp
  • 15 steam macro holes on its soleplate that continuously release and balance steam production during ironing;
  • It has an 8-foot long retractable cord;
  • Works on tough creases;
  • It has a very effective anti-drip system;
  • Large water tank;
  • Light in weight compared to many other models.


  • Cord retracts forcefully;
  • The burst of steam is relatively weaker than what is found in other models;
  • Some buyers have complained of overheating.


The sunbeam steam master is a real value for money steam iron. However, those in search of more features and powerful iron not minding the hefty price tag to match will find the Rowenta DW5080 or T-fal FV4495 very suitable even though it costs slightly more than the Sunbeam steam master iron on Amazon.

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