T-FAL is a name from which you can expect marvelous results when it comes to the engineering of a product, whether it is internal or external. Their FV4495 is an example of this because of its Ultraglide ceramic soleplate and the number of safety features it has on the inside. The objective of the manufacturer is to give their customers products that would ease on the amount of effort they need to apply and save time while they are doing so. Irons made by T-FAL are known for their consistency and problem solving, all of this because they have been built with the latest of innovations, engineering solutions, ergonomics and customer support in mind.

The T-FAL FV4496 Steam iron comes with an easy cord and its most defining feature, the soleplate utilizing ultraglide technology. Not only that it has so many built-in features like the anti-calc and anti-drip technologies that make the maintenance of the iron easier, in addition to more user-friendly design like the large capacity water tank. Let us also not forget about the amazing steam performance of the iron as well, it consumes about 1725 watts of power to deliver you dense and high-quality steam. You will easily know by using it of how easily it gets the job down and that your money was well spent.

Ultraglide Ceramic Soleplate

The T-FAL FV4495 has a Durilium ceramic soleplate that provides a much better glide in comparison to other steam irons; some say that it is perhaps the best glide a steam iron could have. This gives the user of the iron a lot of ease of use as the movement across the fabric will be much smoother and low effort will be applied overall. In addition to the handling, the soleplate is scratch resistant, nonstick, durable and has a lifetime warranty. The design of the soleplate is in such a way that gives a good transition to tougher areas, mainly with the help of the pointed tip which makes it easier to get into pleats, below buttons and collars or along seams. For the steam output, the soleplate has 64 holes for good distribution, 27 of them being large and 37 of them being microholes and all of them being spread evenly throughout the surface of the soleplate.

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T-FAL FV4495 Steam Iron

Power Steam and Distribution

The iron has a lot of power consumption compared to other irons but that’s for good reason. High power consumption means that the steam you will be getting will be much more powerful and efficient, plus the iron itself costs very less for the same amount of steam you will be getting from another manufacturer. Not only that, the iron heats up faster and maintains that level with consistency than most of its competition, even those which are more expensive, hence the FV4495 is a great option for those who want good performance on a low budget.

Since we already know about the distribution of microholes across the soleplate, this results in a uniform distribution of steam on the fabric, leaving no area untouched to wrinkles or creases. The high intensity of the steam also penetrates through the toughest of the fabric, making it a good option for anything that has multiple or thick layers. You can also adjust the level of temperature and steam according to the type of fabric via the controls on the iron and you can also select between normal steam mode or burst mode. With the touch of a lever, a surge of steam can be produced that targets a specific area and removes any tough creases. Lastly, you can also use the iron vertically, making it easier to steam fabric like hanging clothes or drapes.

Ease of Use

The steam iron comes with an easy cord system that keeps any chances of entanglement or interference minimal. Rest assured that you will not experience any re-wrinkling of the already ironed clothes due to any mishaps with the cord but if you are finding yourself short on the wire then it comes with an additional 12 feet extra-long cord to solve your length troubles. Other benefits of the iron include vertical steaming; you can use it either traditionally on any services or if there are any hanging fabric you can steam them that way as well. When it comes to the water tank then there is sufficient capacity as it measures about 9 oz, thus having a bigger tank having fewer runs for refills. To prevent any chances for spilling, the tank has a large sealed inlet opening with a spring-loaded cap that allows for easy fills. A plus point is that you can use tap water directly for the steam iron’s function.

Safety and Maintenance Features

For giving the T-Fal 4495 its reliability, it has systems that cleanse it internally and prevents any damage caused by dust or other dirt accumulating overtime. The dual self-cleaning technology along with the calc-recollecting vale which is integrated with the major anti-scale system give you the longevity for longer-lasting performance. The anti-drip system watches for water leaks when the iron is not heated enough to produce steam. As the heat produces by the iron is great, the iron has a soft grip handle and an extra-large heel for a more comfortable hold by the user. Lastly, a safety feature of the iron is the 3-way auto shut off; it will turn off automatically after 30 seconds if it’s left on its sides, on its soleplate or vertical on its heels.

T-FAL FV4495 Steam Iron


  • High powered iron that gives good steam;
  • Heats up quickly;
  • Has anti-calc and self-cleaning systems;
  • Can use it vertically;
  • Stable base and lightweight;
  • Long and unhinged cord.


  • The cord is not retractable;
  • The instruction manual is difficult to understand;
  • Poor location of the temperature button;
  • Potential water spits from the steam holes.


The T-Fal FV4495 is not a high-end iron but it is definitely worth the purchase because of the number of features it has at a low price of under $50. The steam iron is easy to use and has been found reliable by many users because of its ergonomics and performance.