These days you can find Steam irons available in a variety of shapes and sizes. However, just considering the shape and sizes of the steam iron will make it a difficult job to choose the right one. You need to look at how the device functions as well. You need to have an eye on the characteristics and specifications of the iron. Only if you find the specifications appealing, you can totally go for buying a steam iron. When you head in the market in the search of a perfect steam iron, you will meet plenty of options, including Rowenta DW2070, Sunbeam Sun Master Iron and Rowenta DW5080. These are only the only ones; the market is full of options making it even more difficult to select the right one. We will give you a T-fal steam iron fv4017 review. This one offers more characteristically features than your mediocre steam irons.

T-fal iron review

This iron is way more distinctive when it comes to design. It is spectacular which is a contradicting fact for other steam irons available in the market. This beauty in the designing acts as a cherry on top for the purpose of attracting buyers towards this particular steam iron. The steam iron has some astounding features as well that too motivates you for its purchase.

tfal iron fv4017 review


  • Easy gliding;
  • Nonstick Soleplate;
  • Scratch Resistant;
  • Ceramic Soleplate;
  • 1700 W Power Rating;
  • Auto Shutdown Feature;
  • Powerful Burst Steam;
  • Easy Water Tank Filling.

Easy gliding

The steam iron is smooth when it is used for the purpose of ironing clothes. It shows an even movement in its glide over the clothes placed for ironing. The iron gliding does not look at a particular fabric. Whatever the fabric material be, the ironing task can be done very magnificently. This functions in the time-saving. The not having of friction of the ironing makes the task more conductive.

Nonstick Soleplate

It has a soleplate which does not stick randomly over the clothes and over the merchandise where it is kept. Its smoothness and the ability to not stick is the most exceptional feature. The purpose of owning a nonstick sole plate is to make sure that no fabric remains from being ironed. Whatever the temperature set is done, the ironing will continue going smoothly.

Scratch Resistant

This feature too adds in the beauty of the iron model. It shows a protective restraint against the happening of scratches. Most of the popular names for steam irons including the ones as Steamfast SF-407 and Black & Decker D2030 etc do not even offer this feature. This serves in the replacement of soleplate once in a while and needs to be repaired intermittently. Everyone agrees that replacing and repairing adds an increment in their expenses. If you want to abstain yourself from making such expenses and losing an immense amount of money there, go for a scratch resistant iron. Plus, T-fal Ultraglide iron review makes us know that this one is free from such complicated expenses. Buy this steam iron to have yourself freed from these problematic happenings. This feature ensures the long-lasting of this device.

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Ceramic Soleplate

tfal iron fv4017 review

The soleplate is made of ceramic which offers a better gliding. It also bestows the durability to the material. Either if you use them in a rough way, the work will still continue to be awesome. The insurance of durability make the steam irons with ceramic soleplates function well and last longer.

1700 W power rating

The power capacity of the iron is 1700 Watt. The power range gives a better hint that the generation of heat will be done pretty much and quickly. You need to not waste precious moments of your life in the wait for steam generation. This is going to help you with time-saving and the ironing is done quicker and better.

Auto shutdown feature

The steam iron shuts down for itself when it is not in use. This feature adds to the power saving. This feature is customized having the user’s safety in mind. It also serves in the electricity saving done more exceptionally. If the steam iron is left for eight whole minutes, the shutting down will be automatically done. However, when the product is kept in a horizontal way and is not being used. The auto switch will start functioning in a mere thirty seconds pace. This aids in the protection of your fabric too.

Powerful burst steam

The betterment steam iron is measured on the capacity of the steam produced. And this one offers the extensive steam blow on the clothes. The provision of an eighty gram of steam every minute is enabled. The most stubborn wrinkles can be efficaciously removed in this manner. The fabric will be in a sound crisp and clear out very easily.

Easy water tank filling

The water tank can be easily refilled when the need arises. This is an effective feature, as the operations and functions of steaming depend on the water capacity within the steam irons. The water tank of this iron is large and leaves you free from the worry of water spill.


tfal iron fv4017 review
  • Durability is ensured with the provision of the ceramic soleplate;
  • The burst steam mode is pretty much appealing for the users when ironing;
  • The having of the ergonomic steam trigger is ensured;
  • The largely sized inlet for the water filling, the water tank is pretty much wide and huge itself. No water can be spilled and the task is done in a better way;
  • The feature of auto-shutdown saves energy, electricity, as well as, clothes;
  • The high power is enabled in 1700 Watt;
  • The scratch-resistant soleplate is an additional feature in order to cheer the users up;
  • The nonstick nature of soleplate is a better feature and makes the steam iron exceptionally trustworthy;
  • The gliding of the iron over fabric is very smooth and even.


Having an iron board and being in search of an epitome worthy steam iron, you are at the very best place. The review of T-fal iron must have made you very well aware of what is good about this product. When you want an iron with better and exceptional qualities you need to stick with T-fal Ultraglide FV4017. The outstanding features will make sure that you are having to face no complains when ironing. The smooth glide over fabric, the nonstick and scratch resistant soleplate makes it head a hand further from an average idea of the general steam iron concept.

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