In a busy lifestyle, it is always difficult to spare some time for the clothes ironing. Some peoples have hired housekeepers who help them with their chores. The problem arises when you are traveling and you have no option other than doing it yourself. People are always in search of acquiring the easiest means of getting the work done. For this purpose, we have a really innovative product that can save up a lot of your time and you will have the best clothes that have no wrinkles in no time. The “URPOWER Garment Steamer” is the best portable iron that works with the steam and removes wrinkles in no time.

URPOWER Portable Garment Steamer Review


  • Unique design of the nozzle;
  • Production of steam is continuous;
  • Small and very compact shape;
  • Rapid heating technology and long lasting effect;
  • Energy saver with automatic turn-off system;
  • Lightweight and travel-friendly accessories.

Unique Design of the Nozzle

The shapes of the nozzle are designed with great precision. You can hold the portable garment steamer in your hand and use it very easily. If the nozzle was not designed uniquely it might burn your hands with the steam. The shape has proven to remove the most stubborn wrinkles from the clothes. The steam from the device is very consistent and you can feel a smooth flow of heat that will help you to end your work very fast and save a lot of time as well.

Production of Steam is Continuous

The chamber in which steam is produced stores a good amount at first and then starts to emit it once you are ready to use it.

URPOWER Portable Garment Steamer Review

Small and Very Compact Shape

The device has formed to be portable, small and lightweight so you hand s won’t hurt while you are using it. The handheld portable garment steamer is specially designed in a way that you can carry it where ever you want and use it whenever you want. The wire of the URPOWER Garment steamer is also very compatible with the design which will provide you the facility of not rolling it too much.

Rapid Heating Technology and Long Lasting Effect

You can fill the water tank one time and the heat will be produced consistently for the next 10 mins. The rapid flow of heat will make the water boil up and the steam produced will help you to iron your clothes very quickly. You won’t feel hectic and you will eventually finish your work in no time.

Energy Saver with Automatic Turn-off System

If the water level is low and it needs to be refilled, the machine will automatically be turned off and in this way, you will be alarmed that the water level is low and it cannot work further.

Lightweight and Travel-friendly Accessories

The weight of the machines is only 1.2 pounds and it does not have extraordinary accessories with it that you find it difficult to travel with it.

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You need to check the advantages and disadvantages to function it properly:

URPOWER Portable Garment Steamer Review


  • The steam can be distributed easily with the unique design of a nozzle;
  • The duration up-to which the steam can last is almost 10 minutes;
  • In case there is low water in the steamer or it needs a refill the machines will automatically switch off. In this way, the electricity will be saved and you have an idea that now it needs a water refill;
  • The streaming system is very fast and it can heat up only in 2 mints once it is plugged in the socket;
  • It works on all types of garments and all types of fabric;
  • The water storage capacity in the machine is almost 130 ml;
  • The machine is designed in a way that it is very light and very handheld in design;
  • A travel bag is included in the box for easy carrying while you are traveling.


  • You can make it work without the connection of electricity as it is not battery operated;
  • If the fabric is too thick its effectiveness might be less.


If you already spent a lot on the different type of ironing devices and still not satisfied with the results, you need to look for something new this time. URPOWER have come up with new technology and very innovative designed steam iron. We have used it as well and found it to be most effective when compared with another type of portable garment steamers. We highly recommend you to try this URPOWER Garment Steamer. You will love your decision of investing in this item as it will worth every penny. So what are you waiting for order now and save your precious time?

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