Steam irons are the new meta when it comes to taking care of your clothes just because of the ease of use and versatility they offer. However, there are some drawbacks to them that you will not find in a standard or usual dry iron; one of them is that they cost more.

Other factors might include incompatibility with fabric, for instance, you can’t use a steam iron on silk because the steam damages it, you can remove wrinkles with steam faster when using a steam iron but since the soleplate of the iron does not make contact with the fabric itself, the creases cannot be completely pressed so you end up with a cloth that does not look smooth.

Wasing Classic Dry Iron Review

So if these are the problems you frequent in, then what you can do is to get a good dry iron. One of the best dry irons that are currently available on the market is the Wasing Classic; many people have tried it and have expressed satisfaction in its performance, especially when it comes to quilts.  What sets apart Wasing Classic, is how it handles its dry iron temperature settings because it is so easy to adjust and has a good range. Other things that people have liked is the mirrored sole plate that makes for a very smooth glide and the visuals on the dials or labels that have made it clearer to read the options. There are also a couple of features that make the Wasing Classic a praise-worthy product, they are discussed further below:

Good Temperature Range and Control System

The option for automatic control of the temperature of the iron is an aspect that will save you from any potential accidents and bills that may get way out of hand. The temperature controls system enables the iron to function at a constant temperature, making sure that it does not exceed the rating that it has been set by the user as this may end up increasing the temperature throughout the body of the iron and cause harm or in worse cases, a fire. The temperature range on the iron is also very impressive, given at a rating of between 75-220 degrees, you can tackle all kinds of clothing with a uniform distribution of heat regardless of their thickness.

Mirrored Stainless Steel Soleplate

Wasing Classic Dry Iron Review

The soleplate of the iron provides good glide and less strain on the hands. The material it is made out of is stainless steel, which also protects any rust forming on the base regardless of being left unused for a few days. The iron also weights more than its counterparts, the 1.5 kg of weight allows for a more powerful press on the fabric, which in turn removes wrinkles more easily. Construction of the iron also can’t be undermined and mainly because of the soleplate because it gives the iron its durability, thereby making it a consistent product.

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High Power Rating

The voltage requirements for the Wasing Classic is 120V, the usual rating that can be found throughout the households but the power rating is quite high, about 1000W. With a power rating like that, you can be sure that any stubborn wrinkles or creases are removed as soon as the iron makes contact with the fabric. You can also use the iron more freely on any other parts of the cloth as the heat is sufficient enough to tackle any problem. This also contributes to faster ironing overall, when you have a pile of clothes lined up because you go through the wrinkled clothes with speed and efficiency.

Ideal for Both Industrial and Home Usage

Due to the temperature range of the Wasing Classic being so high, it can be used adequately for both industrial and household use. Aside from having a good temperature range, the automatic and easily adjustable options allow you to jump from various ratings of temperature according to your needs, means that you can use the same product for when you want to use it at home, on a lower temperature range, or in the industry, where the temperature requirements might be a bit higher. The fact that you can have such a product that is versatile, reliable and easier at such a reasonable price makes sure that you are not on the losing end of the exchange; the iron proves itself as a product that is worth the expense.

Wasing Classic Dry Iron Review


  • The heavy weight of the iron allows for the thickest of the fabrics to be pressed properly;
  • The measurements and options on the dials and labels are easier to read;
  • The dry iron prevents any stains on the fabric;
  • Very durable;
  • Ergonomically design;
  • The glide is smooth on the fabric;
  • The iron heats up pretty fast, which can be useful when you are in a hurry;
  • Economic options for the number of features it comes with;
  • Visually appealing with the design and coloring scheme.


  • Not a good fit for light clothing because of its heavier weight;
  • Sometimes, the iron heats up so fast that the handle starts warming up.

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